Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon

Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon

Key Features of Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon

The Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon is a sophisticated health tracker that merges the utility of advanced monitoring features with the elegance of smart jewelry. Here’s an overview of its unique characteristics:

  1. Design and Colors: The Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon features a timeless and minimal design, staying true to the company’s Finnish design ethos. Unlike the Heritage model, the Horizon boasts a perfectly round shape. It’s crafted from lightweight titanium and maintains a true, uninterrupted circular form. A subtle pill-shaped dimple on the bottom ensures optimal sensor placement. This model is available in a range of colors, including Silver, Black, Stealth, Gold, and a new Rose Gold finish​​​​.
  2. Health Tracking Technology: The Horizon model, like its predecessor Heritage, is distinguished by its advanced health monitoring capabilities. This includes live heart rate monitoring, period prediction, temperature trend sensing, blood oxygen (SpO2) sensing, guided wellness sessions, and personalized activity goals (for iOS users). These features are part of the Oura Membership and provide a comprehensive view of your health​​.
  3. Battery Life and Functionality: The Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon offers a one-week battery life, which is impressive for such a compact device. It also includes detailed sleep stage analysis, daytime and live heart rate monitoring, workout heart rate monitoring, and blood oxygen level measurements​​.
  4. Hardware: The Gen3 hardware includes green and red LEDs, in addition to infrared (IR) LEDs, which are crucial for the various health monitoring functions the ring performs​​.
  5. Material and Finish: The Horizon model is available in brushed titanium with a matte finish, emphasizing its premium look and feel​​.
  6. Comfort and Style: Emphasizing comfort and style, the Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon is designed to be a small, sleek ring rather than a bulky wearable. This design philosophy aligns with consumer preferences for health trackers that not only empower healthier living but also seamlessly fit into their lifestyles and aesthetic preferences​​.

Overall, the Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon stands out as a fusion of health technology and fashion, offering advanced features in a discreet and stylish form factor.


Specification CategoryDetails
Material and CoatingDurable titanium with PVD Coating; non-allergenic, non-metallic, seamless inner moulding​
ColorsSilver, Black, Stealth, Gold, Rose Gold​​​​​
Sizes AvailableSizes 6 to 13​
Weight4-6 grams, depending on ring size​
DimensionsWidth: 7.9mm, Thickness: 2.55mm​
Battery LifeUp to 7 days​​​
Charging Time20 to 80 minutes​
Water ResistanceUp to 100m/328 ft​​​
Operating System CompatibilityApple iOS, Android​
SensorsOptical heart rate sensor, blood oxygen sensor, Infrared PPG sensors, Skin temperature sensors, Photodiodes, 3D Accelerometer​​​
Health Monitoring FeaturesNighttime resting heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature, respiratory rate, daytime heart rate, live heart rate, workout heart rate, cycle insights, blood oxygen sensing (SpO2), sleep staging algorithm​​​
PricingStarts at $349, varies by finish and model​​​​​
Subscription$5.99 per month for additional features​
Release YearOriginally released at the end of 2021​


  1. Sleep Tracking: It excels in advanced sleep tracking, analyzing sleep stages (deep, REM, light sleep), total laying down time, resting heart rate overnight, and sleep efficiency. Users can get a comprehensive sleep score based on these factors​​.
  2. Body Temperature Tracking: The ring includes a built-in thermometer to track body temperature, which can be helpful in identifying health trends such as inflammation or infection​​.
  3. Activity Tracking: Although not the most impressive in fitness tracking, it does track daily activities like steps, calories burned, and distance traveled. It also includes a sedentary alert to remind users to move around​​.
  4. Readiness Feature: This feature helps optimize workouts by considering various metrics like sleep quality, body temperature, and heart rate variability, advising on the best type of workout for any given day​​.
  5. Battery Life: The ring’s battery life is a significant advantage, lasting up to seven days on a single charge and charging quickly within 20-80 minutes​​.
  6. Design: It has a sleek, stylish design and is available in multiple colors. It’s lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear​​.
  7. User Experience: The breadth of data provided by the Oura Ring can be overwhelming, and navigating the app might require some adjustment. The app provides a lot of information but may lack detailed explanations on how this data impacts health​​.
  8. Price and Membership: The ring is priced starting at $349, with an optional membership for in-depth analysis and additional features at $5.99/month after a free trial period​​​​.
  9. Specific Features: The ring supports guided audio sessions, period prediction, and is available in multiple languages. It offers detailed insights into various sleep statistics and activities​​.
  10. Practical Usage: Users who tested the ring noted its effectiveness in tracking sleep and activity. They appreciated the insights provided by the app and found the ring comfortable and easy to wear daily​​.
  11. Overall Opinion: Users who are interested in detailed sleep and health tracking find the Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon beneficial. It is especially useful for those focused on sleep quality and seeking a balance between rest and activity​​.
  12. Drawbacks: The price point and the need for a paid membership are seen as potential drawbacks. Additionally, the lack of half sizes in ring fitting can be an issue for some users​​.

In summary, the Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon is praised for its extensive health tracking capabilities, particularly in sleep analysis, and its stylish design. However, its high cost and the overwhelming amount of data it provides may be challenging for some users.


  1. Comfort: It is comfortable to wear, which is important for a device meant to be worn continuously​​.
  2. Aesthetic Appeal: The ring is good looking, appealing to users who value style in their wearable devices​​.
  3. User Interface: The in-app user interface is friendly and easy to navigate​​.
  4. Lightweight Design: The ring is lightweight, making it less intrusive during everyday activities​​.
  5. Recovery Tracking: It offers effective recovery tracking, which can be useful for monitoring overall health and fitness​​.
  6. Long Battery Life: The ring boasts a long battery life, reducing the frequency of charging​​.
  7. Durable Design: It is designed to be durable, which is essential for a wearable technology​​.
  8. Thorough Sleep Tracking: It provides thorough sleep tracking, a key feature for those interested in monitoring their sleep patterns​​.
  9. Sleek Design: The design is sleek, adding to its aesthetic appeal​​.


  1. Monthly Subscription: The use of the ring requires a monthly subscription, adding to its overall cost​​​​.
  2. Not Suitable for Serious Fitness Tracking: The ring is not ideal for serious fitness tracking, which might limit its appeal for more active users​​.
  3. Risk of Loss: Due to its small size, there is a risk of losing the ring​​.
  4. Limited Activity Tracking: The activity tracking capabilities are limited compared to other fitness wearables​​.
  5. High Price Point: The cost of the ring is relatively high, which could be a barrier for some potential users​​​​.
  6. Tedious Fitting Process: The process of getting the right fit can be tedious​​.


The Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon stands out in the landscape of health and fitness trackers, offering unique features and a design that differentiates it from other products in the market. Here’s an in-depth perspective based on various sources:

Advanced Health Tracking Capabilities

  1. Comprehensive Sleep Analysis: The Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon excels in sleep tracking, providing detailed insights into sleep duration, patterns, and stages (deep, REM, and light sleep). This helps users understand their sleep quality and identify potential sleep-related issues​​​​.
  2. Body Temperature Monitoring: A novel feature of the Gen3 Horizon is its ability to track body temperature. This can indicate health patterns like inflammation or infection, offering users a deeper understanding of their well-being​​.

Design and User Experience

  1. Sleek and Unobtrusive Design: The ring boasts a stylish and sleek design, available in various colors like Silver, Black, Stealth, Gold, and Rose Gold. It’s made of durable titanium and is lightweight, making it comfortable for continuous wear​​​​.
  2. User Interface Challenges: While the Oura app provides a wealth of data, it can be overwhelming to navigate. The abundance of features and stats might require additional research by users to fully understand their health implications​​.

Unique Features and Accessibility

  1. Guided Wellness Sessions: The Oura Ring offers guided audio sessions for meditation, sleep, focus, and recovery, enhancing its utility as a wellness tool​​.
  2. Period Prediction: For female users, it includes a period prediction feature, which is helpful in tracking menstrual cycles and predicting upcoming periods​​.

Practical Aspects

  1. Battery Life and Charging: The ring has an impressive battery life of up to seven days, and it charges quickly, which is convenient for users​​.
  2. Price Consideration: The Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon is priced at $349, which is higher than many other fitness trackers. This price point might be a significant consideration for potential buyers​​​​.

Overall Assessment

The Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon is a sophisticated piece of technology that offers a comprehensive view of health, especially in terms of sleep and body monitoring. Its design is both elegant and practical, suitable for continuous wear. However, the cost and complexity of the data provided may be drawbacks for some users. Its unique features like temperature tracking, guided wellness sessions, and period prediction set it apart in the wearable tech market, making it a significant player for those prioritizing detailed health insights and stylish design.


  1. What are the key features of the Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon?

    The Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon offers comprehensive sleep tracking, body temperature monitoring, activity tracking, and a readiness score. It’s known for its sleek design and long battery life.

  2. How does the Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon track sleep?

    It tracks sleep duration, patterns, and stages (deep, REM, light sleep) using advanced sensors, providing a detailed analysis of sleep quality.

  3. Is the Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon water-resistant?

    Yes, the Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon is water-resistant, making it suitable for wear during various activities, including swimming.

  4. What is the price of the Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon?

    The Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon starts at $349, with variations in price depending on the finish and features chosen.

  5. Does the Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon require a subscription?

    While the Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon provides basic functionality without a subscription, access to full features and in-depth analysis requires a monthly subscription.