Therabody TheraFace Mask

Therabody Theraface Mask Therabody Theraface Mask

Key Features of Therabody TheraFace Mask

The Therabody TheraFace Mask is a state-of-the-art skincare device designed to provide comprehensive facial treatment. Here are its key features:

  1. LED Light Therapy: The mask delivers effective, full-face therapy using a combination of red, red + infrared, and blue LED lights. This variety of light wavelengths is designed to cater to different skin needs, such as reducing inflammation, promoting collagen production, and addressing acne-related issues​​​​.
  2. FDA Clearance and Clinical Validation: The TheraFace Mask is FDA cleared, ensuring its safety and efficacy. Clinical studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in improving skin appearance, including firming and smoothing the skin, reducing fine lines and dark spots within as little as 8 weeks​​​​.
  3. Vibration Therapy: Added to its light therapy, the mask also features tension-relieving vibration therapy. This aspect of the mask is intended to provide a relaxing experience while also enhancing the therapeutic effects on the skin​​​​.
  4. Customizable and Convenient Design: Weighing 20.3 oz, the mask is hands-free and cordless, offering ease of use and the ability to multitask while undergoing treatment. It also features a comfortable and secure fit, even when moving, and includes a removable eye shield for use with open eyes. The settings are customizable, allowing users to tailor their treatment experience​​.
  5. Comprehensive Skin Improvements: At both the 8 and 12-week timepoints, the mask has been clinically shown to improve various skin concerns. These include dark spots, age spots, full-face fine lines, wrinkles, overall skin appearance, radiance, luminosity, skin tone evenness, texture, smoothness, facial contour, and firmness​​.
  6. Natural Collagen Stimulation: The 648 medical-grade LED lights in the mask work synergistically to stimulate natural collagen production in the skin, aiding in the restoration and maintenance of skin health and appearance​​.
  7. Relaxation Features: The mask is noted for its relaxing properties, including guided breathing features, which enhance the overall user experience beyond just skin treatment​​.

In summary, the Therabody TheraFace Mask is a multifaceted skincare device that combines LED light therapy with vibration therapy, offering a comprehensive, clinically proven, and customizable skincare treatment. Its design emphasizes convenience, comfort, and effectiveness in addressing a range of skin concerns and promoting overall skin health.


What’s Included– TheraFace Mask device
– Removable Protective Eye Shields
– Display Stand
– Adapter – UBS-A+C to USB-C
DimensionsLength: 200mm, Height: 230mm, Width: 180mm
Weight– Device Only: 576g
– With Stand: 636g
Battery Life– LED Light Mode: Approx. 120 minutes
– Vibration Mode: Approx. 60 minutes
Materials– Mask: (PC+ABS) & (PC) + TPU
– Vibration Motor: Steel & Aluminum
– Protective Eye Shields: Medical-Grade Silicone
Warranty1-year limited warranty


Positive Aspects

  1. Effectiveness: Users have reported improvements in their skin’s appearance, noting it to be brighter, plumper, with a reduction in fine lines and redness. The mask has shown to provide both immediate and long-term results​​.
  2. Convenience and Comfort: The hands-free, cordless design of the mask allows users to multitask during treatment. Its comfortable fit and removable protective eye shield enhance user experience, making it suitable for use while engaging in other activities​​​​.
  3. LED and Vibration Therapy: The mask includes three LED light therapy options (red, red and infrared, and blue) along with vibration motors around the eyes and on the head. This combination has been found relaxing by users, contributing to both skincare and stress relief​​.
  4. Ease of Use: With simple controls and a 9-minute daily treatment cycle, users have found the mask easy to incorporate into their daily routines. Some prefer using it in the morning, while others find it calming before bedtime​​​​.

Considerations and Drawbacks

  1. Size and Storage: The Therabody TheraFace Mask’s size has been a concern for some users, especially those with limited storage space. It’s larger than typical LED masks, which can be cumbersome for users living in smaller spaces​​.
  2. Cost: While not the most expensive option on the market, the Therabody TheraFace Mask is priced on the higher end. However, users have noted that compared to the cost of in-office LED treatments, the mask can be cost-effective in the long run​​.
  3. Adjustment Period: Some users mentioned an initial adjustment period, particularly in terms of comfort and fit. The mask’s design might be intimidating at first and may require some getting used to​​.
  4. Mixed Reviews on Vibration Therapy: While many find the vibration therapy relaxing, some users have experienced discomfort or found it unnecessary. This feature’s usefulness seems to vary based on individual preferences​​.
  5. Patience for Results: Users should not expect immediate drastic changes; consistent use over weeks is necessary to observe significant improvements in skin appearance. This is in line with the general expectation for LED therapy products​​.
  6. Battery Life and Charging: The Therabody TheraFace Mask’s battery life and charging process have been positively noted, with many users finding it convenient and sufficient for regular use​​.

Overall Impression

The Therabody TheraFace Mask is generally well-received for its effectiveness in skincare, ease of use, and the relaxation it offers. However, potential buyers should consider its size, cost, and the need for consistent use over time to achieve desired results. The mask seems to be a good investment for those looking for an at-home LED therapy solution that combines skincare benefits with relaxation features.


  1. Hands-Free, Cordless Design: Facilitates multitasking and ease of use​​.
  2. Comfortable and Secure Fit: Remains in place even during movement​​​​.
  3. Removable Eye Shield: Allows for use with eyes open​​.
  4. Customizable Settings: Includes red, blue, and infrared light options​​.
  5. Relaxing Experience: Notably with the guided breathing feature​​.
  6. Immediate and Long-Term Results: Visible effects on skin health and appearance​​.
  7. Variety of Light Settings: Targets different skin concerns effectively​​.
  8. Ease of Use: Simple interface with only two buttons​​.
  9. Adjustable Straps: Ensure a good fit for different head sizes​​.
  10. FDA-Cleared: Safe for all skin types (Fitzpatrick scale 1-6)​​.


  1. Storage Difficulties: The mask doesn’t fold, making it harder to store​​.
  2. Adjustment Issues: Straps may be challenging to adjust on smaller heads​​.
  3. Battery Indicator: Lack of clarity on when the battery is dying​​.
  4. Light Intensity: Very bright, requiring closed eyes during use​​.
  5. Space Consumption: Occupies significant counter space​​.
  6. Consultation Recommended: Advised for users of retinol or other sun-sensitive products​​.
  7. Weight: Slightly heavier than anticipated, impacting comfort during extended use​​.
  8. Peripheral Vision Restriction: Design limits field of view, necessitating caution while moving​​.
  9. Cleaning Requirements: Needs thorough cleaning and disinfection after each use, which can be time-consuming​​.
  10. : Some users have reported a large footring on their mugs, which may affect stability​​.

Overall, the Therabody TheraFace Mask is praised for its ease of use, adjustable settings, and effectiveness in addressing various skin concerns. However, it has some drawbacks in terms of storage, comfort for smaller heads, and maintenance requirements. Users with specific skin conditions or using certain medications should consult a medical professional before using the mask.


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  1. What skin concerns does the Therabody TheraFace Mask address?

    The Therabody TheraFace Mask targets a variety of skin issues including fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and acne, using red, blue, and infrared LED light therapy.

  2. Is the Therabody TheraFace Mask easy to use?

    Yes, it features a hands-free, cordless design with simple controls, making it user-friendly and convenient for home use.

  3. How long does each treatment session last with the Therabody TheraFace Mask?

    Each light setting lasts for 3 minutes, with a total session time of 9 minutes if using all three light settings.

  4. Can I use the Therabody TheraFace Mask if I have sensitive skin?

    The mask is FDA-cleared and safe for all skin types; however, it is recommended to consult a medical professional before use, especially if using retinol or other sun-sensitive products.

  5. Does the Therabody TheraFace Mask require special maintenance?

    After each use, the Therabody TheraFace Mask should be wiped down to prevent the buildup of debris and bacteria. It is recommended to disinfect the mask with isopropyl alcohol as per the user manual’s guidelines.