Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30P

Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max G30p Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max G30p

Key Features of Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30P

The Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30P is engineered to elevate the experience of urban commuting and short-distance travel. Here’s a detailed look at its standout features:

  1. Water Resistance: It has an IP7 rating on core components, offering robust water resistance that ensures durability and reliability in various weather conditions, making it a practical choice for everyday commuting​.
  2. Incline Performance: The KickScooter MAX G30P is designed to conquer inclines, capable of handling slopes up to 20%, which is a significant feature for those who live in hilly areas or require a scooter that can easily navigate uphill terrain​.
  3. Rear-Wheel Drive: With rear-wheel drive, the scooter provides improved acceleration, enhanced stability, and more reliable braking. This feature adds to the safety and performance of the scooter, especially when navigating busy city streets​​.
  4. Fast Charging and Battery Life: A 551Wh battery powers the scooter, and it supports fast charging that can replenish the battery in approximately 6 hours. This scooter is also noted for its impressive range, capable of traveling up to 40.4 miles on a single charge, which is quite extensive for an electric scooter and offers exceptional mobility for longer commutes​​.
  5. Tires and Build: The 10-inch pneumatic tires are tubeless and self-sealing, a design choice that provides a smoother ride and reduces maintenance concerns. The construction of the scooter emphasizes durability and a powerful riding experience​.
  6. Riding Modes: There are four riding modes to cater to different preferences and requirements: ECO for energy-saving rides, D for standard mode, and S for sport mode, which offers higher speeds and is suitable for experienced riders. This adaptability ensures that the scooter can provide a comfortable ride regardless of the rider’s skill level or the journey’s demands​​.
  7. Additional Features: It comes with a built-in front LED light for visibility, IPX5 water resistance for additional durability against weather elements, and a significant maximum payload of 220 lbs. It also has a manageable net weight of 42 lbs, which is relatively portable for an electric scooter with such features​.

These characteristics make the Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30P a powerful, versatile, and reliable option for those looking for a premium kickscooter. Whether it’s the daily commute, running errands, or just leisurely rides through the city, the G30P’s combination of performance, convenience, and durability positions it as a top-tier choice in the electric scooter market.


Top Speed18.6 mph (30 km/h)
Max Range40.4 miles (65 km)
Max Incline20%
Wheel Size10-inch Pneumatic Tires
Water ResistanceIP7 on core parts, IPX5 overall
Battery Capacity551Wh
Charging TimeApproximately 6 hours
Max Payload220 lbs (100 kg)
Scooter Weight42 lbs (19 kg)
Riding ModesECO, D (Standard), S (Sport)
Additional FeaturesBuilt-In Front LED Light, Rear-Wheel Drive, Tubeless Self-sealing Tires


  1. Power and Range: It’s equipped with a robust 350W motor, offering a range of 25-40 miles, which makes it suitable for both short commutes and longer adventures​​. The scooter has been tested to have a top speed of around 18 mph and a range of 21.6 miles, confirming its practicality for daily use​​.
  2. Construction and Design: Users find its construction solid and reliable, with a design that’s easy to maneuver and store thanks to its one-click folding system​. It has a sturdier build compared to some competitors, with more standing room and large, air-filled tires for a more comfortable ride on long trips​.
  3. Comfort and Safety: The scooter features a drum brake and suspension system for a smoother ride, even on rough surfaces​. Its tires come pre-slimed, indicating a focus on reducing maintenance issues and improving rider comfort​​.
  4. Battery Management: A smart battery management system is in place to monitor the battery’s condition and optimize power usage, which reassures users about the range and battery life​.
  5. Rider Experience: It’s noted for its excellent acceleration, reaching 15 mph in about 6 seconds, which is relatively quick and ensures a responsive ride​. However, some have noted it lacks a “zero start” mode, meaning you must kickstart it to about 2 mph before the motor engages, which can be slightly inconvenient for some riders​​.
  6. Size and Weight: While the scooter is designed to be portable, weighing approximately 39 to 43 pounds, it is considered heavy for its size, and the ride can be described as stiff by some reviewers​​. Additionally, for taller individuals or those with a larger build (“big dawgs”), the handlebars and deck might feel too short, leading to a less comfortable ride​.

In summary, the Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30P seems to be a reliable choice for day-to-day use, offering a good balance of power, range, and comfort with a design that caters to urban commuting and leisurely rides. It’s eco-friendly, has safety features like a drum brake and suspension, and its smart battery system enhances the overall user experience. Nonetheless, the heavier weight, kick-to-start feature, and potential discomfort for larger riders are some points that could be considered drawbacks depending on personal preferences and needs.


  • Safety Features: It has a dual braking system and Smart-BMS (Battery Management System) for added safety.
  • Durability: Users report that it is sturdy and maintains performance even after extended use.
  • Comfort: The scooter is designed for ease and comfort, suitable for short trips.
  • Battery Life: With a 551Wh battery, it offers a long range of up to 40 miles on a single charge.
  • Convenience: It includes a built-in charger and front LED lights for better visibility at night​.


  • Weight: At 41.2 lbs, it may be considered heavy for some users to carry when not riding.
  • Cost: As a premium scooter, it may be more expensive than other models, which could be a con for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Size: While it is foldable, the dimensions when folded may still be bulky for some storage situations.


The Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30P stands out in the burgeoning e-scooter market, not just for its impressive range and robust build but for its thoughtful integration of features that address the core needs of urban commuters. In the context of daily use, the G30P demonstrates an understanding of the urban terrain and rider convenience. Its ability to tackle 20% inclines positions it as a reliable companion for varied city landscapes, while its IP7 water resistance rating assures durability even in inclement weather, a feature that’s often overlooked in the e-scooter segment.

My perspective, built on technical analysis and user experiences, sees the G30P as a fusion of practicality and performance. It’s a commitment to mobility freedom, evidenced by its extended range and fast charging capability, ensuring that users are not tethered to short trips or constant recharging. This scooter is more than just a ride; it’s a statement that mobility can be environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and flexible, all without sacrificing style or substance.


  1. What is the top speed of the MAX G30P?

    It can reach a top speed of 18.6 mph (30 km/h).

  2. How far can the MAX G30P travel on a single charge?

    It has a range of up to 40.4 miles (65 km).

  3. Can the MAX G30P climb hills?

    Yes, it can handle inclines up to 20%.

  4. What kind of tires does the MAX G30P have?

    It is equipped with 10-inch pneumatic tires.

  5. Is the MAX G30P water-resistant?

    Yes, it has an IP7 rating for core parts and is IPX5 water-resistant overall.

  6. How long does it take to charge the MAX G30P?

    It takes approximately 6 hours for a full charge.

  7. What is the weight limit for the MAX G30P?

    The maximum payload is 220 lbs (100 kg).

  8. How heavy is the MAX G30P scooter?

    It weighs 42 lbs (19 kg).

  9. Does the MAX G30P have different riding modes?

    Yes, it features ECO, D (Standard), and S (Sport) modes.

  10. Does the MAX G30P come with a built-in light?

    Yes, it has a built-in front LED light for better visibility.