Segway Go Kart Pro w/15.5 mi Max Operating Range & 23 mph Max Speed

Segway Go Kart Pro Segway Go Kart Pro

Key Features of Segway Go Kart Pro w/15.5 mi Max Operating Range & 23 mph Max Speed

The Segway Go Kart Pro is a high-performance electric go-kart known for its impressive acceleration and durability. Here are its key features and specifications, based on information from Best Buy, customer reviews, and the official Segway store:

  1. Performance: Segway Go Kart Pro boasts a top speed of 23 mph and can travel up to 15.5 miles on a single charge. The battery has a capacity of 432 Wh and features 4 air-ducts for efficient performance​​​​​​.
  2. Motor: The Segway Go Kart Pro uses a customized high-end brushless motor without a Hall sensor, which uses a pure copper coil. This design minimizes internal resistance, reduces heat and electricity loss, and thus enhances cruising capacity​​.
  3. Sound System: Segway Go Kart Pro includes an Immersive Engine Sounds Simulator with 4x8W high-power speakers. These speakers can emulate engine sounds of different types of engines (single-cylinder, double cylinder, V8, or V12) or be used as a normal Bluetooth speaker to play music​​.
  4. Build Quality: The frame is made of high-strength steel, supporting a payload of up to 220 lbs. It features adjustable frames and steering wheels to accommodate riders between 4’5” and 6’3”. The go-kart includes TPE impact protection on the front end and additional features like aerodynamic rear wings and metal pedals​​​​.
  5. Safety and Riding Modes: Segway Go Kart Pro has different speed modes for various skill levels: Safety mode (4.97 mph), Regular mode (11.2 mph), Sport mode (17.4 mph), and Race mode (23 mph)​​​​.
  6. Design and Portability: The Segway Go Kart Pro is collapsible, making it easy to transport in most vehicle trunks. It’s designed with an RR (rear engine, rear-wheel drive) setup like supercars, with a weight distribution of 40% front and 60% rear​​​​.
  7. Drifting Capability: Segway Go Kart Pro comes with cutting-edge TPE rear tires that provide an exciting drifting experience and controllable rear-end high-speed cornering, rivaling professional drifting techniques​​.
  8. Safety Features: The Segway Go Kart Pro features a three-layer TPE impact protection system at the front for increased safety, and it is equipped with electronic and mechanical handbrakes​​​​.
  9. Technical Specifications: The Segway Go Kart Pro has a ground clearance of approximately 1.8 inches, can handle slopes up to 15 degrees, and has a braking distance of 20 ft (6 m). It also features a dual-channel transmission system for stable communication​​​​​​.
  10. Lighting and Indicators: It includes a 0.2 Watt white LED light bar, a full-color RGB taillight/brake light, and a status indicator that changes colors based on the vehicle’s condition​​.

Customers also share positive experiences, noting its suitability for both children and adults, its various speed settings, long battery life, and the fun factor of riding with music or engine sounds. Some have highlighted the need for safety gear like helmets, especially for younger riders, and the importance of visibility features like LED lights and safety flags for night-time use​​​​.


SizeVehicle: 55.9 × 33.5 × 23.6 in (1420 × 852 × 600 mm), Package: 41 × 33.5 × 18 in (1040 × 852 × 459 mm)
WeightMax Payload: Approx. 220 lbs (100 kg), Net Weight: Approx. 112.9 lbs (51.2 kg)
Driving RequirementsHeight: 51.2–74.8 in (130–190 cm), Recommended Age: 14+ years old
Machine ParametersSpeed Limit: Approx. 23 mph (37 km/h), Reversing Speed Limit: Approx. 1.9 mph (3 km/h), Typical Range: Approx. 15.5 mi (25 km), Steering Ratio: 2.1:1, Ground Clearance: Approx. 1.8 in (45 mm), Max. Slope: 15%, Traversable Terrain: Flat surface, paved road; obstacles < 0.4 in (1 cm); gaps < 1.2 in (3 cm); slopes < 15 °, Operating Temperature: 14–104°F (-10–40°C), Storage Temperature: -4–122°F (-20–50°C), IP Rating: IPX4, Speed Mode: ECO, STRADA, SPORT, CORSA
BatteryNominal Voltage: 55.5 V DC, Max. Charging Voltage: 59.5 V DC, Nominal Energy: 432 Wh, Charging Temperature: 32–104°F (0–40°C), Battery Management System: Over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit, and over-heating protection, Auto-sleep and auto-wake
MotorNominal Power: 500 W × 2, Max. Power: 2400 W × 2
ChargerInput Voltage: 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz, Output Voltage: 59.5 V DC, Nominal Power: 120 W, Output Current: 2A
Front Compartment BatteryModel/Quantity: 6 AA batteries
BrakeBraking Method: Electronic brake + mechanical handbrake, Braking Distance: 6 m
TiresFront Tires: Width: 3 in (80 mm), flatness ratio: 60%, hub diameter: 5 in (127 mm), Rear Tires: Width: 2.7 in (68 mm), hollow solid tire
LightHeadlight: 0.2 Watt laser green LED light bar, Status Indicator: Blue, yellow, and red, Taillights: Full-color RGB taillight/brake light


  1. Performance and User Experience: Users have highlighted the Segway Go Kart Pro’s impressive speed and range, with one noting its suitability for both children and adults. The kart offers four speed settings: Safe mode (5 mph), New Driver mode (11 mph), Sport mode (18 mph), and Track mode (23 mph). The battery life is commendable, allowing for a couple of hours of usage on a single charge in New Driver mode. It comes with additional features like a safety flag, Bluetooth speaker, and LED lights for nighttime visibility​​. Another user pointed out that it’s a significant upgrade over the original go-kart, offering more speed and features like removable wheels and a speaker​​.
  2. Safety and Design: Safety is a key aspect of the Segway Go Kart Pro. It’s built with a high-strength steel frame and includes triple anti-collision protection and dual communication technology. This robust construction enables it to bear up to 220 lbs and handle slopes of up to 15°. Its adjustable frame and steering wheel height cater to a wide range of rider heights, from 4’5” to 6’3”​​.
  3. Versatility and Enjoyment: The Segway Go Kart Pro is described as versatile and enjoyable for all ages, making it ideal for family fun and outdoor adventures. The adjustable frame and easy assembly are particularly appreciated, as they make the kart suitable for both leisurely rides and more adrenaline-filled experiences​​.
  4. Drawbacks: While the product has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, there are a few drawbacks noted. Some users wished for more color options and found the manual handbrake complex. Additionally, for taller individuals (over 6 feet), the kart might feel a bit cramped​​.
  5. Overall Assessment: Conclusively, the Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart Pro is well-regarded as an exceptional product that delivers on its promises. Its combination of performance, safety features, adjustability, and overall fun factor makes it a standout choice for go-karting enthusiasts and families alike. While the handbrake might require some getting used to, the overall value and experience provided by the Go Kart Pro make it a worthwhile investment​​.
  6. In summary, the Segway Go Kart Pro is highly recommended for those seeking a high-performance, safe, and versatile go-kart for regular use. It seems well-suited for a range of activities, from casual rides to more competitive racing scenarios.


  1. High-Performance Motor: It boasts a powerful electric motor with a top speed of 23 mph and impressive acceleration, offering a fast-paced racing experience. The motor is reliable and virtually maintenance-free compared to traditional gas-powered go-karts​​​​.
  2. Advanced Battery Technology: The Go Kart Pro offers up to 15.5 miles of range on a single charge, with a battery that can be fully recharged in just a few hours​​.
  3. Adjustable Frame: It can comfortably accommodate individuals up to 6 feet tall and supports up to 220 pounds, making it suitable for both children and adults​​​​.
  4. Versatile Driving Modes: The Go Kart Pro features four driving modes (Safety, Regular, Sports, Racing) catering to different skill levels and providing a customizable riding experience​​.
  5. Safety Features: It is equipped with triple anti-collision protection and a robust steel frame, ensuring a secure ride​​.
  6. Drift and Cornering Capabilities: Designed for an immersive racing experience, it allows easy maneuvering around corners and drifting​​.
  7. Responsive Steering and Braking System: The steering and braking systems are ultra-responsive, allowing for precise control​​.
  8. Realistic Racing Sounds: The Go Kart Pro features an immersive engine sounds simulator for added excitement and practical speed gauge​​.
  9. Easy Assembly and Maintenance: It comes with a detailed assembly guide and routine maintenance tips for convenience​​.
  10. Portability: The Go Kart Pro is collapsible and light enough to fit into most vehicle trunks for easy transport​​.


  1. Limited Color Options: The Go Kart Pro has limited color choices, which might not appeal to all users​​.
  2. Manual Handbrake Complexity: The manual handbrake may require some getting used to, particularly for those new to go-karting​​​​.
  3. Comfort and Space Constraints: For taller individuals (over 6 feet), the Go Kart Pro might feel a bit tight and uncomfortable​​.
  4. Battery Life Variability: Battery life can be short, especially when used at higher speeds or intensively​​.
  5. Recommended Age and Height Limits: The Go Kart Pro is recommended for users 14+ years old and has a height requirement range, which may not suit very young children or very tall adults​​​​.
  6. Usage Limitations: It is primarily designed for designated race tracks or private property and may not be street legal without proper registration as a low-speed vehicle (LSV)​​.
  7. Service Plan Availability: Some users wished for more comprehensive service plans for accidental coverage​​.
  8. Potential for Large Steering Movements at High Speeds: At maximum speed, small movements can lead to significant directional changes, requiring careful handling​​.

In conclusion, the Segway Go Kart Pro is a high-performance, versatile, and fun electric go-kart with several advanced features. While it offers an exciting experience for go-kart enthusiasts and is suitable for a wide range of users, it also has some limitations in terms of comfort for taller individuals, complexity of the manual handbrake, and specific usage scenarios.


The Segway Ninebot GoKart Pro stands out in the electric go-kart market, offering a unique blend of high-performance features, safety, and user adaptability, making it an appealing choice for both novice and experienced racers. Here’s an expert perspective on its capabilities and features:

High-Performance Electric Motor

  • Power and Efficiency: The GoKart Pro is equipped with a high-performance electric motor, offering a top speed of 23 mph and rapid acceleration. This efficiency is a significant upgrade over traditional gas-powered go-karts, providing smoother acceleration and less maintenance​​.

Advanced Battery Technology

  • Extended Range: The advanced battery technology enables up to 15.5 miles of range on a single charge, with a relatively quick recharge time, enhancing its suitability for extended racing sessions​​.

Speed and Acceleration

  • Impressive Capabilities: The GoKart Pro boasts a maximum acceleration of 1.02 G, which is about 1.5 times higher than its predecessor, making it one of the fastest go-karts in its category​​.

Comfort and Adjustability

  • User-Friendly Design: It features an adjustable frame and comfortable, padded seat, accommodating riders up to 6 feet tall and 220 pounds, making it versatile for different user groups​​.

Customizable Driving Modes

  • Flexibility for All Skill Levels: Four driving modes – Safety, Regular, Sports, and Racing – cater to various skill levels, allowing users to tailor their driving experience according to their proficiency​​.

Safety Features

  • Triple Anti-Collision Protection: Safety is prioritized with a triple-layered anti-collision system, including a steel frame and high-polymer materials, ensuring a secure ride​​.

Drifting and Maneuverability

  • Enhanced Racing Experience: The GoKart Pro offers an immersive racing experience with power oversteer drifting and responsive steering, allowing for precise control and maneuverability​​​​.

Realistic Racing Sounds

  • Immersive Audio Experience: An engine sounds simulator creates customizable racing sounds, adding to the realism and aiding in gauging speed and acceleration​​.

Easy Assembly and Maintenance

  • Convenience for Users: The GoKart Pro is designed for straightforward assembly and maintenance, coming with a detailed guide and routine maintenance tips, suitable for busy families or those less inclined towards extensive upkeep​​.


  • Ease of Transportation: The GoKart Pro is collapsible and lightweight, making it easy to transport in most vehicle trunks​​.
  • Designated Use: Primarily designed for race tracks and private property, it may require registration as a low-speed vehicle for street legality in some areas​​.

Suitability for Children

  • Age Consideration: The GoKart Pro is recommended for individuals 14 years and older, as it requires a certain skill level for safe operation​​.

In conclusion, the Segway Ninebot GoKart Pro’s blend of high-speed performance, safety features, adjustability, and user-friendly design make it a standout choice for a wide range of go-kart enthusiasts. Its electric motor’s efficiency and low maintenance requirements, combined with the immersive racing experience it offers, position it as a top-tier option in the electric go-kart market.


  1. What is the top speed and range of the Segway Go Kart Pro?

    The Segway Go Kart Pro can reach a top speed of 23 mph and has a maximum operating range of approximately 15.5 miles on a single charge.

  2. Is the Segway Go Kart Pro suitable for children?

    It is recommended for users aged 14 and above due to its high speed and need for skillful operation. Younger or inexperienced drivers should use it under adult supervision.

  3. How long does it take to fully charge the Segway Go Kart Pro?

    The battery of the Segway Go Kart Pro can be fully charged in about a few hours, offering convenience for continuous use.

  4. Can the Segway Go Kart Pro be used on public roads?

    It is designed primarily for use on private property and designated race tracks. To use it on public roads, it may need to be registered as a low-speed vehicle (LSV) depending on local laws.

  5. What are the safety features of the Segway Go Kart Pro?

    The Go Kart Pro comes equipped with multiple safety features including a triple anti-collision protection system, responsive steering and braking systems, and adjustable driving modes for different skill levels.