Samsung 27 Inch Odyssey G4 Gaming Monitor

Samsung 27 Inch Odyssey G4 Gaming Monitor Samsung 27 Inch Odyssey G4 Gaming Monitor

Key Features of Samsung 27 Inch Odyssey G4 Gaming Monitor

The Samsung 27 Inch Odyssey G4 Gaming Monitor (model G40B) is designed to cater to serious gaming, productivity, and streaming needs. It features a 27-inch flat IPS panel with a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080, providing clear colors and a wide 178º viewing angle for clarity from any viewpoint​​. The monitor is equipped with a 240Hz refresh rate and a 1ms (GTG) response time, ensuring ultra-smooth action and minimal lag, which is essential for fast-paced gaming​​.

One of the standout features of this monitor is its compatibility with Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium, which help in eliminating screen tearing, choppiness, and lag for a more stable and smooth gaming experience​​​​. Additionally, the monitor offers an Ultrawide Game View, allowing the screen to be adjusted to a 21:9 aspect ratio, revealing hidden areas in game scenes, particularly beneficial in soccer and driving games​​.

The Odyssey G4 also includes an Auto Source Switch+ feature, which enables the monitor to automatically switch to a new source signal when connected devices are turned on, facilitating quick transitions without manual input source adjustments​​. Furthermore, it has an ergonomic stand that can be swiveled, tilted, and adjusted for optimal gaming comfort, ensuring that the display can be positioned perfectly according to the user’s preference​​.

In terms of design, the Samsung 27 Inch Odyssey G4 is finished in black for the front, rear, and stand. It supports a range of ergonomic adjustments including height, tilt, swivel, and pivot​​. For connectivity, it includes two HDMI ports (version 2.0), one Display Port (version 1.2), and a headphone jack, but it does not have USB-C or wireless display capabilities​​.

Overall, the Samsung 27 Inch Odyssey G4 Gaming Monitor offers a blend of high performance, ergonomic design, and convenient features that are well-suited for gaming enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Screen Size27 inches
Display TypeFlat IPS
Resolution1920 x 1080 (FHD)
Aspect Ratio16:9
Brightness (Typical)400 cd/㎡
Brightness (Min)320 cd/㎡
Contrast Ratio (Static)1,000:1 (Typical)
Contrast Ratio (Dynamic)Mega ∞ DCR
Response Time1ms (GTG)
Refresh RateMax 240Hz
Viewing Angle178°(H)/178°(V)
Color SupportMax 16.7M
sRGB Coverage99%
General FeaturesEco Saving Plus, Eye Saver Mode, Flicker Free, Windows 10 Certification, FreeSync Premium, G-Sync Compatible, Black Equalizer, Low Input Lag Mode, Virtual AIM Point, Refresh Rate Optimiser, Super Arena Gaming UX, Auto Source Switch+, Adaptive Picture, Ultrawide Game View
Interface2x HDMI (Version 2.0), 1x Display Port (Version 1.2), Headphone Jack
DesignBlack Color, Height Adjustable Stand (HAS), Tilt, Swivel, Pivot, Wall Mount 100 x 100
PowerAC 100~240V, Max Power Consumption 48 W, External Adaptor
DimensionsWith Stand: 614.7 x 571.1 x 244.8 mm, Without Stand: 614.7 x 376.6 x 85.4 mm
WeightWith Stand: 5.3 kg, Without Stand: 3.6 kg
AccessoriesPower Cable (1.5 m), HDMI Cable


  1. Gaming Performance: Users praise the monitor for its solid gaming performance, highlighting the 240Hz refresh rate as delivering exactly what is expected from a high-end gaming monitor. The responsiveness and flexibility, with the ability to adjust vertically and rotate, add to its appeal for gamers. One user noted a significant improvement over a 4K 60Hz monitor, especially when playing fast-paced games like Call of Duty​​.
  2. Visual Experience: The 27-inch FHD IPS panel is lauded for delivering vibrant and accurate colors, which enhance the gaming experience. The wide viewing angles and G-Sync compatibility, which dynamically adjusts the refresh rate to match the graphics card output, are particularly appreciated for eliminating screen tearing and stuttering, resulting in smooth gameplay. This feature is especially beneficial for action-packed games where precision and responsiveness are crucial​​.
  3. Adaptability and Ergonomics: The monitor’s stand, which allows for height and tilt adjustments, pivot, and swivel movements, is noted for its flexibility, allowing users to position the monitor to their liking. The monitor also supports VESA mounting, offering additional flexibility and space-saving options​​.
  4. Versatility: Beyond gaming, the monitor is also found to be effective for work-related tasks. Its clear display and ease of height adjustment make it suitable for professional environments as well as gaming setups​​.
  5. Setup and Usability: Users appreciate the monitor’s easy setup and the simple, clear menu, allowing for adjustments in brightness, contrast, and other settings. Its compatibility with different graphics cards and support for both AMD and NVIDIA is a plus point​​​​.

However, there are a few areas where improvements could enhance the user experience:

  • Some users expressed a desire for a higher resolution, noting that while the FHD resolution is adequate, a 2K resolution would have made it the perfect screen​​.
  • The absence of built-in speakers was mentioned, although this did not seem to be a significant drawback for most users, as they tend to use external speakers or headphones​​.
  • The placement of buttons for changing port settings was found to be somewhat inconvenient by a user​​.

In conclusion, the Samsung 27 Inch Odyssey G4 Gaming Monitor is well-regarded for its gaming performance, visual quality, ergonomic design, and versatility. While there are some minor areas for improvement, overall, it appears to be a strong choice for both gaming and general use, offering good value for its price​​​​.


  1. Display and Performance:
    • 27-inch IPS Panel with Full HD Resolution: Offers a quality viewing experience.
    • High Refresh Rate (240Hz) and Response Time (1ms): Ensures smooth gameplay with minimal ghosting and screen tearing, enhanced by G-Sync and FreeSync support​​​​.
    • Color Coverage: Covers 98.6% of the sRGB gamut, indicating excellent color reproduction, making it suitable for both gaming and color-sensitive work​​.
  2. Design and Flexibility:
    • Sleek Design with Thin Bezels: Provides a modern look.
    • Adjustable Stand: Offers height, tilt, pivot, and swivel adjustments for personalized positioning​​.
    • VESA Mount Compatibility: Allows for wall mounting, adding to its flexibility​​.
  3. User Experience:
    • Easy Setting Box Tool: Enhances multitasking with screen partitioning capabilities​​.
    • High Customer Ratings: Particularly praised for its price, design, and ease of setup​


  1. Cost:
    • High Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP): Priced at $349.99, which can be a bit steep for some users. However, it’s often available on sale, for example at Best Buy for $219.99​​.
  2. Software Support:
    • Lack of OSD Replacement Software: Unlike many gaming monitors, it doesn’t offer software for adjusting monitor settings through the OS, which is a notable omission given Samsung’s usually strong software support​​​​.
  3. Resolution and Size:
    • Full HD Resolution on a 27-inch Screen: May result in visible pixels when viewed up close, although it’s not a significant issue for typical movie watching or gaming​​​​.
  4. Compatibility and Instructions:
    • A few users mentioned issues with compatibility and unclear instructions, but these were relatively minor concerns​​.

In summary, the Samsung 27 Inch Odyssey G4 is well-regarded for its display quality, design, and flexibility. Its high refresh rate and color accuracy are particularly appreciated by gamers and professionals who require accurate color representation. However, its relatively high price and lack of certain software features might be drawbacks for some users.


The Samsung 27 Inch Odyssey G4 Gaming Monitor showcases a blend of technological innovation and user-centric design, positioning it as a strong contender in the competitive gaming monitor market. Here’s an expert perspective on its unique features:

  1. Design and Build Quality: The Odyssey G4 maintains a sleek and modern design, characterized by its stealthy black plastic chassis and thin bezels. This design not only contributes to its aesthetic appeal but also enhances its practicality, especially for users who prefer a minimalistic setup​​.
  2. Display Performance: Equipped with a 27-inch IPS panel and a Full HD resolution, the monitor ensures clear and vivid image quality. Its ‘Retina’ quality at a certain viewing distance is a testament to its capability to deliver sharp visuals, although at very close distances, individual pixels might be discernible. This is a common trait for monitors with this resolution and screen size, and should not be a significant issue for most gaming and movie-watching scenarios​​.
  3. Advanced Gaming Features: The high refresh rate of 240Hz and a rapid response time of 1ms are critical for gaming, as they minimize motion blur and provide a smoother gaming experience. The inclusion of technologies like G-Sync and FreeSync further underscores its gaming credentials by effectively eliminating screen tearing, ensuring a seamless visual experience during fast-paced gaming sessions​​.
  4. Ergonomics and Flexibility: Samsung has paid special attention to ergonomics, offering a stand that supports a wide range of movements including height adjustment, tilt, pivot, and swivel. This level of adjustability is essential for ensuring comfort during prolonged gaming sessions. Additionally, the VESA mount compatibility offers the option of wall mounting, which can be a significant space-saver​​.
  5. Connectivity Options: The monitor comes equipped with ample connectivity options, including two HDMI 2.0 ports, a DisplayPort 1.2, an audio jack, and a USB service port. This range of ports ensures compatibility with a wide array of devices and gaming setups​​.
  6. Software Support and Multitasking: Samsung’s Easy Setting Box tool is a notable feature for multitasking, allowing users to partition the screen into various layouts. However, the lack of software for OSD (On-Screen Display) menu replacement is a missed opportunity, especially considering Samsung’s reputation for robust software support in other product categories​​.

In summary, the Samsung 27 Inch Odyssey G4 Gaming Monitor is a well-rounded product that successfully addresses the needs of gamers through its high-performance display, ergonomic design, and useful multitasking features. Its few shortcomings, such as the lack of certain software enhancements and the visibility of pixels at close range, do not significantly detract from its overall appeal as a premium gaming monitor.


  1. What is the refresh rate of the Samsung 27 Inch Odyssey G4 Gaming Monitor?

    The Samsung Odyssey G4 features a high refresh rate of 240Hz, ideal for smooth gaming experiences.

  2. Does the Odyssey G4 monitor support G-Sync and FreeSync?

    Yes, this monitor supports both NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync, helping to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering in games.

  3. Can I adjust the stand of the Odyssey G4 for better viewing angles?

    Absolutely, the stand offers tilt, pivot, swivel, and height adjustments for optimal viewing comfort.

  4. What type of panel does the Samsung Odyssey G4 use, and what is its resolution?

    The Odyssey G4 uses an IPS panel with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080.

  5. What are the connectivity options available on the Odyssey G4?

    It includes two HDMI 2.0 ports, one DisplayPort 1.2, a PC audio input jack, and a USB service port.