Logitech Signature M650 Wireless Mouse with Silent Clicks

Logitech Signature M650 Wireless Mouse With Silent Clicks Logitech Signature M650 Wireless Mouse With Silent Clicks

Key Features of Logitech Signature M650 Wireless Mouse with Silent Clicks

The Logitech Signature M650 is a wireless mouse specifically designed for office environments. It’s notable for its silent click feature, which significantly reduces the noise typically associated with mouse clicks. This feature is part of Logitech’s SilentTouch technology, aiming to minimize distractions and enhance focus, whether in an office or a home setting. The mouse is reported to reduce click noise by up to 90%, offering a quieter and more concentration-friendly user experience​​.

In terms of design, the Signature M650 is described as having a simple and modern look, available in three color options. Its build quality is comfortable and robust, although it lacks certain advanced functionalities like tracking on glass surfaces or the ability to connect to multiple devices simultaneously. Despite these limitations, it’s considered one of the best mice in its price range, particularly for those seeking a distraction-free and productive work environment​​.

The mouse is suitable for small to medium-sized hands and is equipped with a 2-year battery life, which is quite substantial for wireless mice. It features customizable side buttons and Bluetooth connectivity, making it compatible with a range of devices including PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks​​.

A unique feature of the Signature M650 is its SmartWheel scrolling. This technology provides an adaptive scroll experience, offering line-by-line precision and the ability to switch to a super-fast free spin mode with just a flick of the finger. This functionality enhances user productivity and comfort, particularly in tasks involving extensive scrolling​​​​.

In summary, the Logitech Signature M650 wireless mouse stands out for its silent click technology, long battery life, adaptive SmartWheel scrolling, and comfortable design for small to medium hands. Its simplicity and modern aesthetics, combined with its focus on reducing distractions and enhancing productivity, make it a compelling choice for office and home office users.


Specification CategoryDetails
Model NumberCN – MR0091 B (China), MR0091 (Other countries)
Box ContentsMouse, Logi Bolt receiver, 1 AA battery, User documentation
Wireless ProtocolBluetooth Low Energy and Logi Bolt
Software SupportYes (Windows 10 or later, macOS 10.15 or later)
OS/Platform SupportWindows 7/8/10 or later, macOS 10.10 or later, Chrome OS, Linux, Android 5.0 or later, iPadOS 13.4 or later, Works with Surface
DimensionsHeight: 38.3 mm, Length: 60.5 mm, Depth: 107.7 mm
WeightMouse: 73.1 g (without battery/with receiver), Receiver: 1.8 g, Battery: 25 g
Connection TypeBOLT + Bluetooth Low Energy Direct (1 channel)
USB SpecificationsVID_PID: VID_046D&PID_C548, Protocol: USB 2.0, Speed: Full Speed, Data Format: 16 bits/axis, Report Rate: 1ms
BOLT Report Rate7.5ms
Bluetooth Report Rate7.5-11.25 ms
Microprocessor32-bit ARM
DPI Resolution400 – 4,000 DPI (SW)
SensorPluto One
Indicator Lights (LED)TOP: Battery indicator, BOTTOM: Connectivity
Buttons5 buttons + Connectivity button
Button DurabilityLeft/Right (silent): 5 million clicks, Wheel (middle-click silent): 1 million clicks, Forward and Backward: 500K clicks, Connectivity (host button): 3K clicks
Feet DurabilityMaterial: PTFE, KM Range: 100 km
Gesture SupportWith software (Windows, Mac)
Materials UsedPCR Plastic (35% PCR – Kingfa or 85% PCR – Wistron), Rubber (TOPOLYMER A005&A030)
Other FeaturesSmartWheel
BatteryAAx1, 24 months life, User replaceable
Wireless Range10 meters


  1. Build and Comfort: It is described as well-built and comfortable for office use, featuring a modern look that stands out from most basic office mice​​.
  2. Customization and Compatibility: Although it lacks a wide range of programmable inputs, the M650 allows users to reprogram the side buttons for various productivity tasks like copying, pasting, or controlling media. It also supports gesture controls. This mouse is compatible with both PC and Mac systems​​.
  3. Performance in Different Contexts: In terms of performance, it scored 7.0 for work-related use, 7.6 for FPS video games, 6.8 for MMO video games, and 6.4 for raw performance in tests conducted by RTINGS.com​​.
  4. Quiet Operation: The Signature M650 is noted for its silent operation, making it one of the quietest mice tested by reviewers. This feature is particularly appreciated in shared work environments or for users sensitive to clicking sounds​​.

In summary, the Logitech Signature M650 Wireless Mouse is well-regarded for its comfortable design, quiet operation, and suitability for both office work and gaming to a certain extent. Its ability to reprogram buttons for specific tasks adds to its appeal, though it might lack some advanced features found in more specialized mice. The high customer satisfaction ratings reflect its effectiveness in day-to-day usage, making it a strong choice for a wide range of users.


  1. Comfortable and Nearly Silent: The Signature M650 mouse provides a comfortable grip and its buttons are designed to be almost silent, making it ideal for use in quiet environments​​.
  2. Dual Connectivity: It offers flexibility in connectivity, allowing for both Bluetooth and USB dongle connections​​​​.
  3. Extended Battery Life: With up to 24 months of battery life, it offers a significant advantage in terms of power efficiency​​​​.
  4. Affordability: Despite its features, the mouse is very affordable​​.
  5. Precision and Performance: The mouse has good motion detection on most surfaces, ensuring precise control and accurate mouse pointer guidance. The DPI can be adjusted up to 2000, which is sufficient for most everyday uses​​.
  6. Compatibility with Multiple Operating Systems: It can be used with all common operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS, iPadOS, and Android​​.
  7. SmartWheel for Enhanced Scrolling: The two-stage scroll wheel, known as the SmartWheel, offers enhanced control and can be used for fast scrolling​​.


  1. Limited Multi-Device Support: The M650 can only be paired with one device at a time and doesn’t support multi-device connectivity, which is available in some of Logitech’s more advanced models​​​​.
  2. Suboptimal Performance on Glass Surfaces: The mouse does not perform well on glass surfaces, which can be a limitation for users who prefer such workspaces​​.
  3. No Flow and Multipoint Connection Features: Unlike the more expensive MX line, the M650 lacks ‘Flow’ and multipoint connection features, which allow for seamless switching between multiple devices​​.
  4. USB Receiver Limitations: The Bolt receiver is only available as a USB-A dongle, which may not be compatible with laptops that only have USB-C ports without an adapter​​.

In summary, the Logitech Signature M650 Wireless Mouse is a well-received product with its comfort, silent operation, extended battery life, and dual connectivity. However, its limitations in multi-device support and performance on glass surfaces, along with the USB receiver compatibility, are aspects that potential users should consider.


The Logitech Signature M650 Wireless Mouse has garnered attention for its distinctive features, particularly its silent click technology. Let’s delve into its performance and features based on various expert insights.

Performance and Design

  1. Comfort and Usability: The M650 is designed for comfort, fitting well in the hand. It is available in two sizes and offers options for both right and left-handed users. The sides of the mouse are coated with a grippy, rubber surface, providing added traction​​. Its contoured, symmetrical shape enhances usability​​.
  2. Silent Operation: One of the standout features is its near-silent clicking, significantly quieter than many other models, like the MX Master 3. This feature is especially appreciated in quiet environments or during intensive work hours, as it minimizes noise disturbance​​​​.
  3. SmartWheel Scrolling: The M650 incorporates a two-stage SmartWheel, which allows for fast scrolling with a firmer nudge. While not as smooth as Logitech’s higher-end models, it’s a notable feature for efficient navigation​​​​.

Technical Aspects

  1. Optical Tracking and DPI Range: The mouse uses Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking, offering good motion detection on most surfaces. Its DPI range is adjustable up to 2000, ensuring precise control and accurate pointer guidance for typical usage​​​​.
  2. Connectivity and Compatibility: It offers dual connectivity, allowing users to connect via Bluetooth or a Logi Bolt USB receiver. The M650 is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS, iPadOS, and Android​​​​. However, it lacks multi-device pairing, limiting its utility for users who frequently switch between devices​​​​.

Battery Life and Environmental Consideration

  1. Battery Efficiency: The mouse is powered by a single AA battery, expected to last up to two years, depending on the connection mode used. This long battery life is a significant advantage for users seeking a low-maintenance device​​.
  2. Eco-Friendly Aspects: Some color variants of the M650 are made with a significant percentage of recycled plastic, aligning with environmentally conscious preferences​​.


  1. Limited Programmable Inputs: Despite its features, the M650 has limited programmable inputs, which might be a constraint for users requiring more customization​​.
  2. Scroll Wheel Limitations: The default mode of the scroll wheel can be jerky, requiring adjustment in the settings. Additionally, it lacks advanced features like a dedicated thumb wheel or L/R scroll wheel tilts​​.
  3. Size Considerations: The mouse may be too small for those with large or extra-large hands, potentially affecting comfort during extended use​​.

In conclusion, the Logitech Signature M650 is a well-crafted, mid-range wireless mouse that excels in silent operation, ergonomic design, and battery efficiency. While it is suitable for office and general use, its limitations in multi-device support and programmable inputs may affect its appeal to certain users. Its environmental considerations and dual connectivity options make it a versatile and responsible choice for a wide range of users.


  1. What are the key features of the Logitech Signature M650 Wireless Mouse?

    The Logitech Signature M650 boasts silent clicks, ergonomic design, customizable side buttons, and is suitable for both office and light gaming use.

  2. Is the Logitech Signature M650 compatible with both PC and Mac?

    Yes, the Logitech Signature M650 is compatible with both PC and Mac, making it a versatile choice for different operating systems.

  3. Can I customize the buttons on the M650 mouse for specific tasks?

    Absolutely! The side buttons on the M650 can be reprogrammed for various productivity tasks, such as copy-paste actions and media controls.

  4. Is the Logitech Signature M650 good for gaming?

    While primarily designed for office use, the M650 also performs well in light gaming scenarios, particularly in FPS and MMO games.

  5. What makes the Logitech Signature M650 stand out in terms of comfort?

    The M650 features an ergonomic design tailored for comfort, making it suitable for extended use without causing hand fatigue. Its silent clicking mechanism also adds to its comfort in noise-sensitive environments.