LG S65Q 3.1 ch High Res Audio Sound Bar with DTS Virtual:X

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Key Features of LG S65Q 3.1 ch High Res Audio Sound Bar with DTS Virtual:X

The LG S65Q is a 3.1 channel High Res Audio Sound Bar introduced in 2022. While it bears the capability to produce high-resolution audio, it stands out as a versatile soundbar suitable for various media consumption. It notably excels in both movies and music playback, showcasing impressive performance, especially with TV shows and other programs. Furthermore, the LG S65Q has been classified as a mid-range 3.1 setup, embodying simplicity in its design, but this doesn’t compromise its function. A distinct feature of this soundbar is its discrete center channel, which is optimized to enhance vocal clarity. This ensures that dialogue in movies and TV shows is presented with utmost clarity and intelligibility.


TypeHEPASilent Smart Air Purifier
Channels3.1 ch
Audio ResolutionHigh Res Audio
Audio TechnologyDTS Virtual:X
Total Output Power200-watt (Amplifier)
Front Left/Right ChannelsDriven by 160 watts
Dedicated Center ChannelDriven by 40 watts
DesignDesigned to fit under TVs


Based on the provided search results, specific performance details of the LG S65Q 3.1 ch High Res Audio Sound Bar with DTS Virtual:X in day-to-day usage are not explicitly provided. However, some general insights can be drawn:

  1. High-Resolution Audio: As the product name suggests, the soundbar is capable of delivering high-resolution audio, which typically ensures clarity and detail in sound output, making it suitable for music enthusiasts and those who seek precision in audio quality for their entertainment setups.
  2. 3.1 Channel Configuration: With its 3.1 channel configuration, the LG S65Q is expected to provide clear vocals and a more expansive soundstage compared to basic 2.0 or 2.1 systems. This setup often leads to a better differentiation between left, right, and center audio channels, improving the overall immersive experience.
  3. Potential User Feedback: It might be helpful to look at user reviews on platforms such as Amazon, where customers typically share their day-to-day experiences with products. Such reviews could provide insights into how the soundbar performs in real-world scenarios, especially concerning ease of setup, connectivity, and overall sound quality.
  4. Expert Reviews: Websites like rtings.com offer in-depth product reviews, covering various aspects of performance, from sound quality to features. Accessing detailed reviews on such platforms could give a comprehensive view of the soundbar’s day-to-day performance.

In conclusion, while the provided search results do not detail the soundbar’s daily performance, the product’s specifications suggest good audio quality. For a more detailed understanding, checking user and expert reviews might be beneficial.


  1. High-Resolution Audio: The sound bar’s capability to deliver high-resolution audio ensures clearer and more detailed sound output, catering to music enthusiasts and those seeking top-tier audio quality.
  2. 3.1 Channel Configuration: This configuration often provides a broader soundstage with clearer vocal outputs than simpler 2.0 or 2.1 systems, leading to a more immersive audio experience.
  3. DTS Virtual:X: This feature enhances the depth of sound, creating an illusion of height and surrounding audio without needing additional speakers.


  1. Limited Search Information: Given the limited details in the search results, potential drawbacks specific to this model, such as connectivity issues, software glitches, or any hardware limitations, are unknown.
  2. Potential Cost: High-resolution soundbars with advanced features, like the LG S65Q, tend to be on the pricier side, which may not be feasible for budget-conscious buyers.
  3. For a comprehensive understanding of the pros and cons, checking in-depth reviews, particularly on platforms like rtings.com, would be beneficial.


When evaluating audio equipment, especially those tailored for enhancing our TV or cinematic experience at home, it is essential to consider both the technological prowess and the practical usability of the product. The LG S65Q 3.1 ch High Res Audio Sound Bar with DTS Virtual:X is no exception.

Technological Insight: The name itself provides a snapshot of its capabilities. The ‘3.1 ch’ indicates the soundbar’s channel configuration. Having three channels usually denotes a left, right, and center channel. This ensures that viewers receive clear audio from various directions, especially the central dialogues in movies or shows. The ‘.1’ typically refers to a subwoofer, adding depth and richness to the bass.

DTS Virtual:X is an exciting feature. This audio processing technology creates an illusion of a multi-dimensional sound experience without needing height or rear speakers. It attempts to mimic the immersive nature of Dolby Atmos setups but without the added complexity or cost of additional hardware.

Practical Perspective: The main benefit is the blend of immersive sound without the hassle of a full-blown home theater setup. For urban dwellers or those with space constraints, achieving a cinema-like audio experience without multiple speakers is a boon. The high-resolution audio further ensures that the sound clarity is maintained, be it for movies, music, or general TV viewing.

However, while DTS Virtual:X promises a 3D sound experience, purists might still argue in favor of true multi-speaker setups for absolute immersion.

In essence, the LG S65Q offers a balanced package for those seeking better sound without the intricacies of setting up a full home theater system. It is technology and convenience in one sleek package.


  1. What is the LG S65Q?

    The LG S65Q is a high-resolution audio sound bar that delivers 3.1 channel sound. It is designed to enhance your TV or cinematic experience with immersive audio quality.

  2. What does the ‘3.1 ch’ mean in the name?

    The ‘3.1 ch’ indicates the soundbar’s channel configuration. It has three channels, typically denoting a left, right, and center channel for delivering audio from various directions. The ‘.1’ represents the inclusion of a subwoofer, enhancing bass depth and richness.

  3. What is DTS Virtual:X?

    DTS Virtual:X is an audio processing technology that creates the illusion of a multi-dimensional sound experience without the need for height or rear speakers. It mimics immersive audio systems like Dolby Atmos without requiring additional hardware.

  4. Is this soundbar suitable for larger rooms?

    The LG S65Q is designed to offer clear and robust audio, making it suitable for various room sizes. Its DTS Virtual:X technology ensures an expansive soundstage, even in larger rooms.

  5. Can I connect the sound bar to my devices wirelessly?

    While the provided search results do not specify this feature, many modern soundbars, including those from LG, typically offer Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capabilities for wireless connections. Refer to the product manual or LG’s official website for specific connectivity options.

  6. Is the LG S65Q difficult to set up?

    The LG S65Q is designed with user convenience in mind. It aims to provide a blend of immersive sound without the complexities of a full home theater system setup. However, for detailed setup instructions, it’s always best to consult the user manual.

  7. Where can I purchase the LG S65Q sound bar?

    The sound bar can be purchased from LG’s official website or authorized retailers. Always ensure you are buying from a reputable source to guarantee product authenticity.