Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8 16-inch Gaming Laptop

Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8 16 Inch Gaming Laptop Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8 16 Inch Gaming Laptop

Key Features of Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8 16-inch Gaming Laptop

The Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8 16-inch Gaming Laptop is a compact, yet powerful gaming device, designed to meet the demands of gaming, work, study, and play. This Legion Slim 5i laptop stands out for its blend of portability and performance, making it a suitable choice for users who require high performance in a sleek form factor. Here are its key features and specifications:

Design and Build

  • Dimensions: 359.7 x 260.3 x 19.9 – 25.2 mm (14.16″ x 10.25″ x 0.78″)
  • Weight: Approximately 2.40 kg (5.3 lbs)
  • Body Material: Combination of Plastic / Polycarbonate and Aluminum


  • Screen: 16-inch PureSight display, offering picture-perfect color and clarity
  • Panel: CSOT MNG007DA1-Q (CSO161D), providing excellent color accuracy


  • Processor Options: Range from Intel Core i5 to i7 variants
  • Graphics: Equipped with NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 40 series graphics, providing ultra-high FPS gaming
  • RAM: Up to 32GB, ensuring smooth multitasking and gaming
  • Storage: Up to 1TB SSD, utilizing M.2 PCIe NVMe 4.0 x4 for fast data access and storage

Connectivity and Ports

  • Multiple USB Type-A and Type-C ports, including USB 3.2 Gen 2
  • HDMI 2.1 for high-resolution external displays
  • SD card reader
  • Ethernet LAN
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ax and Bluetooth 5.1 for wireless connectivity
  • 3.5mm Combo Audio Jack

Other Features

  • Keyboard: Backlit with 4-zone RGB lighting, praised for its functionality and design
  • Touchpad: Wide and smooth, with effective palm rejection
  • Webcam: Upgraded 1080p camera with acceptable HDR performance for video calls
  • Audio: Dual 2W Stereo Speakers with Nahimic Audio for immersive sound
  • Battery Options: 60Wh and 80Wh, supporting extended use


  • Comes pre-installed with Windows 11 Home
  • Includes 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  • Lenovo Vantage app for customizing laptop settings
  • Legion Arena app acts as a gaming hub

Performance Benchmarks

  • Configurations available with Intel Core i7-13700H and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 laptop GPU
  • 32GB DDR5-5200MHz dual-channel RAM and 1TB NVMe PCIe Gen4 SSD
  • Delivers high performance in synthetic benchmarks and gaming, capable of 60fps on AAA titles at 1440p resolution

Unique Selling Points

  • Touted as one of the world’s most portable 16″ AI-tuned gaming laptops
  • Legion Colfront 5.0 technology keeps the PC cool and quiet
  • A balance of high performance and portability, suitable for on-the-go use

Availability and Packaging

  • Comes with a standard package including the laptop, manuals, and a power adapter (170W or 230W based on the configuration)

In summary, the Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8 16-inch Gaming Laptop is a robust choice for gamers and professionals seeking a powerful yet portable device. Its impressive hardware capabilities, combined with a sleek design and advanced cooling technology, make it a strong contender in the gaming laptop market​​​​​​.


ModelLenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8
Processor OptionsUp to 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors
Operating SystemUp to Windows 11 Pro
GraphicsNVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 40 series graphics
Display16″ 16:10 WQXGA Lenovo PureSight gaming display, up to 240Hz refresh rate, HDR 400 support
Cooling SystemLegion Coldfront 5.0 for cool and quiet gameplay
AI FeaturesLenovo LA1 AI chip, Lenovo AI Engine+
MemoryOptions not specified in sources
StorageOptions not specified in sources
KeyboardLenovo Legion TrueStrike keyboard with optional backlit
PortsOptions not specified in sources
ConnectivityOptions not specified in sources
WeightUnder 2.3kg
ThicknessAs thin as 19.7mm
BatteryUp to 80Whr, Super Rapid Charge technology
Color OptionsStorm Grey, Misty Grey (availability may vary by geography)
Additional FeaturesXbox Game Pass, up to 1080p webcam with e-shutter, rear I/O dashboard, SD card reader
Thermal Solution“Coldfront: Hyper” thermal solution (specific to Lenovo Legion series, details on Slim 5i unclear)
SoftwareLenovo Vantage, Legion Arena apps
DesignSleek chassis, portable design


The Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8 16-inch Gaming Laptop offers a balanced performance for both gaming and day-to-day usage. Here’s a summary of its performance based on various aspects:


  • Quality: The Legion Slim 5i laptop’s display is generally good for gaming, with a high 240Hz refresh rate, offering great colors and contrast. It’s also PANTONE validated for color grading accuracy. However, it might not be the brightest for high-quality Dolby or HDR video content, especially in well-lit rooms​​​​.
  • Options: Additional screen options are available, including a 1,920 x 1,600 resolution with a 144Hz refresh rate, and a top-tier option with 2,560 x 1,600 resolution, 240Hz refresh rate, and 500-nits peak brightness​​.

Keyboard and Trackpad

  • Keyboard: Offers a comfortable typing experience with nice tactile feedback and 1.5mm travel distance. However, RGB backlighting customization is limited​​.
  • Trackpad: Large and responsive, supporting all Windows gestures. Some users might need time to adjust to its off-centre placement​​.


  • Hardware: Equipped with Intel 13th-gen Raptor Lake processors, options include the Core i5-13500H or Core i7-13700H. It also features up to 32GB DDR5 5200MHz RAM and Nvidia GeForce RTX 4050, 4060, or 4070 graphics options​​.
  • Gaming Performance: Capable of running demanding games smoothly at high settings and resolutions. It offers good frame rates across different game categories, with options to switch between performance modes for optimal gaming experience​​​​.
  • Thermals: The Legion CoolFront 5.0 thermal system, including dual liquid crystal polymer cooling fans and phase change thermal compound, effectively manages heat, ensuring no overheating issues during extensive gaming​​​​.

Audio and Webcam

  • Speakers: The audio experience is somewhat disappointing. While there is a good balance between treble and bass, the volume is low, often necessitating external speakers for a better audio experience​​.
  • Webcam: Features an upgraded 1080p webcam suitable for video calls, although it may not be ideal for streaming due to graininess in image quality​​.

Software and Customization

  • Operating System: Ships with Windows 11 Home, including 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate​​.
  • Lenovo Vantage App: Provides options for customizing the laptop, including RGB lighting, fan profiles, and GPU overclocking​​​​.
  • Lenovo Legion Arena App: Acts as a gaming hub, consolidating all installed games for easy access​​.

Day-to-Day Usage

  • The Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8 is highly capable in handling everyday tasks efficiently, thanks to its robust hardware. It’s particularly suitable for users who balance gaming with other daily computing needs, offering a blend of performance, portability, and usability.

Overall, the Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8 16-inch Gaming Laptop is a strong performer for both gaming and general use, offering a blend of high-quality hardware and user-friendly features. However, users might need to consider external solutions for audio and adjust to the limited RGB customization options.


  1. Overall Performance: The Legion Slim 5i laptop delivers good performance, efficiently handling heavy games and various tasks, making it suitable as a desktop replacement​​​​.
  2. Storage and RAM Options: Offers 2x M.2 PCIe x4 Gen 4 slots and 2x DDR5 RAM SODIMM slots in dual-channel, providing flexibility for upgrades​​.
  3. Display Quality: The display is snappy with quick response times, covers 98% of the sRGB color gamut, and has accurate color representation. It also supports a 165Hz refresh rate and G-Sync, with no PWM detected​​.
  4. Form Factor: Compact for a gaming laptop, fitting easily in most backpacks due to its thin profile​​.
  5. Keyboard: Offers a great typing and gaming experience with a 4-zone RGB keyboard that has good key travel and feedback​​​​.
  6. Connectivity and Ports: Equipped with a good range of ports for connectivity​​.
  7. Software Features: The Lenovo Vantage program provides numerous useful options for customization and optimization​​​​.
  8. MUX Switch: Presence of a MUX switch enhances gaming performance​​.


  1. GPU Thermal Power Limit: The TGP (Thermal Graphics Power) of the RTX 4060 under load is limited to 60W, which might affect performance in certain scenarios​​​​.
  2. RGB Lighting: The RGB lighting on the keyboard is functional but has limited customization options and may feel sluggish in animations, potentially impacting the overall experience​​.
  3. Touchpad Size: While the touchpad is smooth and accurate, its size could be a bit larger for enhanced usability​​.
  4. Webcam Quality: The 1080p webcam is adequate for video calls but may produce grainy images, limiting its suitability for streaming or high-quality video recording​​.

Overall, the Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8 excels in performance and display quality, making it a strong contender in the gaming laptop market. Its compact size and great keyboard are notable strengths. However, its GPU power limit and some limitations in RGB lighting customization and webcam quality are areas where it falls short.


The Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8 16-inch Gaming Laptop showcases a blend of compact design and powerful hardware, making it a notable contender in the gaming laptop market. Here’s an expert perspective on its key aspects:

Design and Build

  • Body Material: Constructed with a combination of plastic/polycarbonate and aluminum, the laptop offers a balance between durability and aesthetics​​.
  • Dimensions and Weight: Measuring 359.7 x 260.3 x 19.9 – 25.2 mm and weighing 2.40 kg, it is compact and relatively lightweight for a gaming laptop, enhancing its portability​​.


  • Quality: The WQXGA (2560×1600) resolution IPS display with a refresh rate of 240Hz, and a peak advertised brightness of nearly 500 nits, offers excellent visual clarity and color accuracy. It covers 98.8% of the sRGB gamut, making it suitable for both gaming and creative work​​.


  • Hardware: Powered by the 13th gen Intel Core i7-13700H and NVIDIA RTX 4070 with a TGP of 140W, the laptop delivers robust performance. It includes 32GB of DDR5-5200 RAM, ensuring smooth multitasking and gaming experiences​​.
  • Gaming and Productivity: Performs well in synthetic gaming benchmarks and real-world gaming, although some competitors might offer slightly better FPS due to better heat management​​.

Keyboard and Touchpad

  • Keyboard: Offers a comfortable typing and gaming experience with its 4-zone RGB lighting. However, it lacks the per-key RGB lighting found in higher-end models​​​​.
  • Touchpad: Wide and smooth, with effective palm rejection, though its placement could be improved to avoid accidental touches during intensive gaming or typing​​​​.

Connectivity and Ports

  • Offers a good range of ports including USB Type-A, USB Type-C with Power Delivery, HDMI, Ethernet LAN, and an SD card reader. However, it lacks Thunderbolt 4 support​​.

Webcam and Audio

  • The 1080p webcam is sufficient for video calls, but the quality is not ideal for streaming or high-quality video recording. Audio quality is adequate, but external speakers may be preferred for an enhanced audio experience​​.

Software and Customization

  • Comes with Windows 11 Home and useful pre-installed apps like Lenovo Vantage and Legion Arena, offering various customization options for gaming and system performance​​.

Thermal Management

  • Features effective cooling mechanisms, but there is room for improvement in heat management during intense gaming sessions​​.

Overall Verdict

The Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8 is a well-rounded gaming laptop that strikes a fine balance between performance, portability, and build quality. It excels in display quality and overall system performance, making it a suitable choice for both gaming enthusiasts and creative professionals. The limitations in its thermal management and the absence of certain premium features like per-key RGB lighting and Thunderbolt support are areas where it falls short compared to some of its competitors. However, for users seeking a compact yet powerful gaming laptop, the Legion Slim 5i Gen 8 stands out as a strong option.


  1. What are the key features of the Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8 16-inch Gaming Laptop?

    The Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8 features a 16-inch display, 13th Gen Intel Core processors, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 series graphics, up to 32GB DDR5 RAM, and options for SSD storage up to 1TB. It offers a 240Hz high-refresh-rate display and is equipped with Legion Coldfront 5.0 cooling technology.

  2. Is the Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8 suitable for professional creative work?

    Yes, with its high-resolution display that covers 98.8% of the sRGB color gamut and powerful hardware configurations, the Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8 is suitable for creative professionals who require accurate color representation and robust performance.

  3. Can the storage and RAM of the Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8 be upgraded?

    The laptop comes with 2x M.2 PCIe x4 Gen 4 slots and 2x DDR5 RAM SODIMM slots in dual-channel, offering flexibility for upgrades in both storage and memory.

  4. Does the Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8 have good connectivity options?

    The laptop includes a range of ports such as USB Type-A, USB Type-C with Power Delivery, HDMI, Ethernet LAN, and an SD card reader, offering versatile connectivity options for various peripherals and external displays.

  5. How is the battery life of the Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8?

    The laptop offers a battery life suitable for moderate usage, with options for 60Wh and 80Wh batteries. However, battery life can vary based on usage, especially during high-performance tasks like gaming or intensive creative work.