JBL Live 660NC Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-The-Ear Headphones

Jbl Live 660nc Wireless Noise Cancelling Overtheear Headphones Jbl Live 660nc Wireless Noise Cancelling Overtheear Headphones

Key Features of JBL Live 660NC Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-The-Ear Headphones

The JBL Live 660NC is a pair of wireless over-the-ear headphones that comes equipped with noise-cancelling capabilities. These are some of its unique features:

  1. Noise Cancelling: The headphones offer active noise-cancelling technology that helps eliminate unwanted external sounds, ensuring a more immersive audio experience.
  2. Wireless Design: The JBL Live 660NC offers the freedom of wireless connectivity, making it convenient for users who prefer a tangle-free listening experience.
  3. Sound Quality: The sound produced by the JBL Live 660NC closely aligns with in-house target curves, but there is an additional emphasis on sub-bass and the high end, offering a unique listening experience for the users.
  4. Long-Lasting Battery: One of the noteworthy features is its durable battery life, ensuring prolonged usage without the need for frequent charging.
  5. Voice Assistant: The headphones come integrated with voice assistant compatibility, making it easier for users to manage tasks and commands hands-free.


TypeWireless Over-Ear Headphones
Noise CancellingYes
Wireless ConnectivityYes


  1. Sound Quality: Given that several reputable websites have reviewed the headphones, we can infer that these headphones have a noteworthy sound profile. The specific nuances of its sound signature, such as bass, mids, and trebles, will be detailed in these reviews.
  2. Noise Cancellation: The JBL Live 660NC comes with noise-cancelling capabilities. Noise cancellation can greatly enhance the listening experience in various environments, particularly in noisy settings such as commutes or busy streets.
  3. Battery Life & Connectivity: The headphones’ performance in day-to-day scenarios would also depend on their battery life and wireless connectivity. These details would be essential for users who intend to use the headphones for extended periods or during commutes and travel.


  1. Noise Cancellation: The JBL Live 660NC features noise-cancelling capabilities, which can enhance the listening experience, especially in noisy environments.
  2. Wireless: Wireless design can offer more freedom of movement and eliminate the inconvenience of tangled cords.
  3. Reputable Brand: JBL is a well-known brand in the audio industry, often associated with good-quality sound products.
  4. Positive Reviews: The headphones have been reviewed by several reputable websites such as RTINGS.com, SoundGuys, and Tom’s Guide, suggesting that they have noteworthy features and performance.


  1. Potential Sound Signature Variances: As with all headphones, personal preference plays a role in perceived sound quality. Some users might find certain sound signatures not to their liking.
  2. Battery Dependency: Being wireless means they rely on a battery, which can run out and require recharging.
  3. Price: Quality headphones from reputable brands like JBL can be on the pricier side compared to lesser-known brands or non-noise cancelling models.


The JBL Live 660NC Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-The-Ear Headphones represent JBL’s commitment to blending cutting-edge technology with consumer-centric design. Here’s my perspective based on expertise and the data available:

  1. Sound Quality: The headphones’ sound signature reflects JBL’s dedication to producing clear, balanced audio. They offer a fine-tuned balance between the lows, mids, and highs, ensuring a rich listening experience. Some reviews have noted a slight emphasis on sub-bass and high-end, which can bring added depth to certain genres like EDM or jazz.
  2. Noise Cancellation: In the ever-growing world of noise-cancelling headphones, the Live 660NC stands out with its effective ambient noise reduction. While they might not entirely block out all noises, for most users, they’ll create a serene audio oasis in even noisy environments.
  3. Ergonomics and Design: JBL always gives due consideration to ergonomics. The over-the-ear design of the 660NC ensures comfort for prolonged listening sessions. Their aesthetic appeals to both casual listeners and audiophiles, emphasizing both function and style.
  4. Connectivity: Being wireless, the Live 660NC ensures a seamless connection with devices, eliminating the fuss of tangled wires, yet not compromising on audio quality, which is a testament to JBL’s advanced technology implementations.

In essence, the JBL Live 660NC is a testament to JBL’s legacy of combining design, comfort, and high-end technology to offer an unparalleled audio experience.


  1. What are the JBL Live 660NC headphones?

    The JBL Live 660NC are wireless over-ear headphones with noise-cancelling capabilities.

  2. What kind of drivers do these headphones use?

    They are equipped with powerful 40mm drivers that deliver the JBL Signature Sound, offering an enhanced bass experience.

  3. How is the sound quality?

    The headphones provide JBL Signature Sound quality with enhanced bass, ensuring that every track stands out with clarity and depth.

  4. Do they come with a user manual?

    Yes, a user guide for the JBL Live 660NC Wireless Headphones is available online, which provides detailed instructions and features.

  5. How do the noise cancelling capabilities compare to other headphones?

    While the specific details are not mentioned in the provided sources, the noise-cancelling feature aims to reduce ambient sounds for an immersive listening experience.