Insignia 32″ Class F20 Series LED Full HD Smart Fire TV

Insignia 32 Class F20 Series Led Full Hd Smart Fire Tv Insignia 32 Class F20 Series Led Full Hd Smart Fire Tv

Key Features of Insignia 32″ Class F20 Series LED Full HD Smart Fire TV

The Insignia 32″ Class F20 Series LED Full HD Smart Fire TV is a feature-rich television that offers users a full high-definition viewing experience. It is designed to provide excellent picture quality for movies, shows, and games with its 720p resolution.

One of the unique features of this TV is its integration with Amazon’s Fire TV. This integration provides users with a wide range of streaming movies, TV episodes, channels, and services, which can enhance the viewing experience significantly.

Another standout feature is its Alexa voice control, included with the remote. This feature allows users to easily access entertainment, apps, and execute searches using voice commands. This can make navigating through the television’s offerings a hands-free, convenient experience.

The TV also supports DTS TruSurround for an immersive sound experience and HDMI ARC for direct audio connection to soundbars or AV receivers. This can offer a comprehensive home theater setup to users.

Additionally, the TV features versatile connections, with multiple HDMI ports and various jacks, accommodating a variety of devices and peripherals. The TV also comes with parental control settings that allow content blocking based on ratings or channels, a feature that could be particularly beneficial for families with children.

The Insignia 32″ TV has been positively received by consumers, with a high overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from over 441 reviews, and a notable 92% of reviewers would recommend it to a friend. Consumers have praised the TV’s value, the quality of its picture and sound, and the enhanced viewing experience provided by the Fire Stick integration.

The TV stands are located at the outer edges, which may require a larger table or shelf for placing the TV. The design allows the TV to be wall-mounted, adding an option for those who prefer such a setup.

In conclusion, the Insignia 32″ Class F20 Series LED Full HD Smart Fire TV is a versatile, high-definition television that offers a range of features aimed at enhancing the viewing experience. From its Fire TV integration to Alexa voice control and from its immersive sound support to its various connection options, this TV has been designed with user convenience and enjoyment in mind.


DisplayLED-backlit LCD screen, Full HD
Voice ControlAlexa voice control integration
Streaming ServicesFire TV with access to over a million shows, including popular streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and more
Sound TechnologyDTS TruSurround
Connectivity OptionsHDMI ARC supports Apple AirPlay
Parental ControlsAvailable
Wall-Mount CompatibilityVESA pattern 100 × 100 support
Outer Package SustainabilityMade from sustainably sourced paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)
Internet Service RequirementHigh-speed internet service is required for web-based services and content
User RatingsAverage rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from 2183 reviews; 94% of users would recommend it to a friend


For its picture quality, the TV has been praised by users who note a clear picture and the ability to discern details, which can contribute significantly to the viewing experience. With its 720p resolution and LED-backlit LCD screen, the TV delivers high-definition picture quality, enhancing the enjoyment of movies, shows, and games.

As for sound, the TV features DTS TruSurround, providing an immersive sound experience that complements the high-definition picture quality. This can significantly enhance the overall viewing experience, especially for users who enjoy watching movies or playing games.

In terms of functionality, the TV comes with Alexa voice control through the Alexa Voice Remote, which allows users to easily control entertainment and switch apps. This can greatly simplify the process of navigating the TV’s many features and functionalities.

Additionally, the TV provides access to millions of shows with Fire TV, supporting popular services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, and more. This access, combined with the ability to easily switch apps, can allow users to enjoy a wide range of content without any hassle.

The Insignia TV also offers versatile connections with multiple ports and supports wall mounting, which provides flexibility in terms of setup options. Note that the TV stands are located at the edges, which may require proper table support.

Despite these positive aspects, some users noted that the remote control is primarily designed for streaming and may not change channels, but this offers cost savings compared to cable or satellite boxes. However, most users found this not to be a significant drawback, with 86% of users recommending the product, and it maintains an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 985 reviews.

In conclusion, the Insignia 32″ Class F20 Series LED Full HD Smart Fire TV delivers solid performance in day-to-day usage, offering high-quality picture and sound, easy navigation through Alexa voice control, and wide access to streaming content. The minor drawback of the remote control does not significantly affect overall user satisfaction, making it a great low-budget TV option for streaming and over-the-air TV.


  1. Good build quality: The Insignia Smart Fire TV offers good build quality, indicating that it’s likely to have a decent lifespan.
  2. Alexa compatibility: The Smart Fire TV is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice control, providing ease of navigation and control over your entertainment.
  3. Robust Fire TV experience: The Insignia Smart Fire TV provides a comprehensive Fire TV experience, giving users access to a wide range of content from various streaming platforms.
  4. Decent picture quality: Although it does have some issues with color production, the TV generally provides decent picture quality.
  5. Various connectivity options: The Smart Fire TV offers a range of connectivity options, offering flexibility in connecting other devices or systems.
  6. Better audio performance than others in its price range: The Smart Fire TV’s audio performance is reportedly better than other TVs within the same price range.


  1. Inconsistent black levels: The Smart Fire TV reportedly has inconsistent black levels, which can affect picture quality and viewing experience.
  2. Lacks high-end features: The Smart Fire TV doesn’t offer the high-end features found in pricier models.
  3. Poor color production: The Smart Fire TV has been noted to lack color production.
  4. Parental control setup can be frustrating: The setup sequence for parental controls can be tricky and lead to repetitive PIN prompts.
  5. Poor functionality without internet: Slow or no internet connection significantly hinders the TV’s functionality.
  6. Initial app setup is tedious: Setting up the TV and its apps for the first time can be time-consuming.
  7. Slow booting: The TV has a slow boot-up time.
  8. Unresponsive remote: The remote control can be glitchy and unresponsive at times.
  9. Dull and grainy display: The 720p resolution results in a dull and grainy display with inaccurate colors.
  10. Unsuitable for gaming: The set exhibits a poor Delta-E score and limited color gamut, making it unsuitable for gaming.


The Insignia 32″ Class F20 Series LED Full HD Smart Fire TV demonstrates commendable performance given its price point, offering users a robust Fire TV experience along with integrated Alexa voice control capabilities. Users seeking an affordable and smart home-integrated solution would appreciate the TV’s seamless connectivity with Amazon’s platform and the ability to download a wide variety of apps. The TV also ensures user-friendly setup and usage, making it an excellent choice for those new to smart TVs.

In terms of picture quality, the Insignia F20 Series TV showcases decent HD picture quality. Users have reported clear and sharp images, even when viewing lower-resolution content. The TV’s performance in contrast is generally stable, although some slight discrepancies may be present.

However, it’s worth noting that the TV falls short in terms of color production. It only covers about 85% of the sRGB color space, which could make certain content appear less vibrant. Additionally, while its build quality is solid and it is easy to assemble, users have found minor issues with the TV stands’ positioning.

From an audio perspective, the Insignia 32″ Class F20 Series LED Full HD Smart Fire TV offers sound quality that some users have compared favorably to a soundbar. However, for an enhanced audio experience, external sound systems may be considered.

In summary, the Insignia 32″ Class F20 Series LED Full HD Smart Fire TV is a value-for-money choice, particularly for users who prioritize smart features and Alexa integration. However, for those seeking top-notch color accuracy and a vibrant viewing experience, models like the TCL 3-Series with Roku TV might be more suitable. The Insignia F20 Series TV offers a balanced blend of affordability, smart features, and decent picture quality, making it a respectable choice in its price range.


  1. What is the current price of the Insignia 32″ Class F20 Series LED Full HD Smart Fire TV?

    It is currently priced at $119.99 on clearance, down from its regular price of $199.99.

  2. How does the Insignia 32″ Class F20 Series LED Full HD Smart Fire TV differ in resolution from other series?

    F10 is HD, F20 is Full HD, and F30 is Ultra HD.

  3. Can the TV work with a Bluetooth soundbar?

    Yes, it can work with a Bluetooth soundbar using a 3.5mm port or a Bluetooth transmitter.

  4. What pre-installed apps does the TV come with?

    It comes with apps like Netflix, YouTube, and more.

  5. Can the TV be used as a desktop monitor?

    Yes, it can be used as a desktop monitor by connecting it with an HDMI cord.

  6. What are some of the main features of the Insignia 32″ Class F20 Series LED HD Smart Fire TV?

    It offers 720p resolution, Alexa voice control, DTS TruSurround for immersive sound, LED-backlit LCD screen, parental controls, and is wall-mountable. The packaging is sustainably sourced and FSC-certified.