GoPro HERO11 Black Mini

Gopro Hero11 Black Mini Gopro Hero11 Black Mini

Key Features of GoPro HERO11 Black Mini

The GoPro HERO11 Black Mini is an impressive action camera that features advanced video performance in a small, lightweight design. Weighing only 133g, the camera offers flexible mounting options, thanks to its dual mounting fingers, and a tough outer shell for ensured durability.

This model stands out with a larger image sensor, enabling users to easily share vertical shots on social media and receive highlight videos directly on their phones. It shoots cinematic 5.3K60 + 2.7K240 video and captures 24.7-megapixel stills, providing high-resolution output. For smooth and steady video capture, it comes equipped with HyperSmooth 5.0 video stabilization with Horizon Lock. Moreover, it’s waterproof up to 33ft and is designed exclusively for video capture.

The GoPro HERO11 Black Mini also provides features such as 1-button simplicity and up to 8x slo-mo capability, making it both user-friendly and versatile. The device is compatible with a range of mounts and accessories and can be enhanced with the Max Lens Mod for an expanded field of view and improved video stabilization.

This camera is also popular for its affordability, as offered at a discounted price at Best Buy. Users praise its video quality, ease of use, and its companion app, although some have mentioned issues with overheating and limited battery life. Nonetheless, the GoPro HERO11 Black Mini has garnered positive reviews overall for its performance, versatility, and functionality, making it a favored choice for various uses.


DesignCompact and lightweight
Outer ShellTough outer shell
Video Capability5.3K60 + 2.7K240 video, 10-bit color
Image Resolution24.7 megapixel stills
Stabilization24.7-megapixel stills
Image SensorLarger image sensor
WaterproofingHyperSmooth 5.0 video stabilization
MountingDual mounting fingers for versatile setup options, compatible with various mounts and accessories
DisplayNo display
Battery TechnologyEnduro battery technology for longer-lasting performance
FeaturesAutomatic highlight videos, Night Effects, HyperView digital lens, Max Lens Mod compatibility
AppGoPro Quik app compatibility


In everyday use, the GoPro HERO11 Black Mini demonstrates excellent performance with its top-notch video capabilities, offering 5.3K60 + 2.7K240 video recording in a compact, lightweight design. This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking high-quality video capture on the go. It features a larger image sensor, enabling users to take impressive vertical shots, and sends highlight videos directly to your phone, facilitating easy sharing of your adventures.

One of the key improvements in the GoPro HERO11 Black Mini is its HyperSmooth 5.0 stabilization, providing smoother video recording even in challenging conditions. This feature, coupled with the 360-degree horizon lock, contributes significantly to the camera’s overall performance and versatility.

Other enhancements like ‘AutoBoost’ and Night Effects add to the shooting experience, allowing users to adapt to various lighting conditions. This makes the HERO11 Black Mini suitable not only for daytime use but also for nighttime activities. However, while the HERO11 Black Mini offers portability, the review suggests that the full-size HERO11 Black may be better for framing shots and reviewing footage due to its larger form factor.

Overall, the GoPro HERO11 Black Mini has been shown to deliver impressive results in real-world testing, earning a high rating for its enhancements and shooting capabilities. It’s noted that it has minimal drawbacks, making it a solid choice for daily usage for both beginners and seasoned action camera users.


  1. High-Quality Video Performance: The HERO11 Black Mini offers exceptional video capabilities, including 5.3K60 and 4K120 recording, 10-bit color, and HyperSmooth 5.0 digital stabilization, providing smooth video recording in various conditions.
  2. Dual Mounting Points: This design feature offers unique angles for filming, making it especially suitable for helmet-mounted fan cams.
  3. Lightweight Design: Its compact size and weight make it ideal for applications where weight and mounting convenience are a priority, such as helmets or chest mounts.
  4. Improved Enduro Battery: The HERO11 Black Mini features the same improved Enduro battery as the HERO11 Black, providing between 60-90 minutes of recording time.
  5. Voice Commands and App Pairing: It features on-device controls, and voice commands, and pairs with the GoPro Quik app for better control and live preview.


  1. Limited Battery Options: Unlike the full-size HERO11 Black, the Mini’s battery is built-in, limiting power options.
  2. Lack of Display: The HERO11 Mini lacks a display, which makes it less suitable for applications like vlogging, where framing and reviewing the footage on the go is important.
  3. No Dedicated Photo Mode: Unlike the HERO11 Black, the Mini doesn’t offer a dedicated photo mode.
  4. Feature Sacrifice: The dual-mounting design of the Mini results in certain feature sacrifices, making it less recommendable for broader use.
  5. Less Compact than the Session: Despite its smaller design, the HERO11 Mini is less compact than the GoPro Session, which might matter to some users.


The GoPro HERO11 Black Mini seems to have been designed with the active content creator in mind, particularly those who value portability, resilience, and video quality. The camera’s 5.3K60 + 2.7K240 video capabilities, 24.7-megapixel stills, and the new HyperSmooth 5.0 stabilization make it a robust device for capturing high-quality content. This combination of features allows for extremely smooth, high-definition recording even in fast-paced or shaky conditions.

The HERO11 Black Mini’s lightness and compact design (weighing in at 133g) as well as its waterproofing up to 33ft make it an ideal companion for outdoor adventurers and extreme sports enthusiasts. This lightweight design and dual built-in mounting fingers promote versatile set-ups, making it adaptable to a variety of scenarios.

However, there are a few concerns brought up by users. A particular review notes issues with the camera’s performance in low light conditions, accessory design, occasional freezing while recording, and battery life. These issues may limit its utility in some scenarios, such as prolonged shooting in low-light environments, or for users requiring longer battery life.

That said, the HERO11 Black Mini is praised for its quick startup and recording with the record button, and the addition of a front screen for vlogging. While the criticisms are important and should be considered, the camera’s strengths in its video quality, stabilization, and design make it a compelling choice for creators who require a compact, versatile, and high-performing action camera.

Overall, it appears that the GoPro HERO11 Black Mini could be a solid choice for content creators who value portability and performance, but potential users should also consider the noted criticisms when deciding if this camera is the right fit for their specific needs.


  1. What is the GoPro HERO11 Black Mini?

    It is a smaller, lighter, and simpler design of the GoPro’s powerful action camera, providing the same incredible performance as its larger counterparts.

  2. Where can I purchase the GoPro HERO11 Black Mini?

    The HERO11 Black Mini is available for purchase directly from GoPro’s official website.

  3. What features can I access using the GoPro Quik App?

    With the GoPro Quik App, you can easily adjust your camera’s capture modes, settings, and preferences. The app also provides a live preview of your shot, ensuring it’s perfect before capturing.

  4. How can I view and interact with my captured videos on the GoPro HERO11 Black Mini?

    To view your videos, connect your Mini to the GoPro Quik app. Tap on the “View Media” icon, select the desired video, and tap to open and watch it.

  5. Is the HERO11 Black Mini suitable for professionals?

    Yes, the HERO11 Black Mini offers the powerful performance of GoPro’s flagship cameras but in a more compact design, making it suitable for both professionals and hobbyists.