Google Nest Wifi Pro 6e AXE5400 Mesh Router

Google Nest Wifi Pro 6e AXE5400 Mesh Router Google Nest Wifi Pro 6e AXE5400 Mesh Router

Key Features of Google Nest Wifi Pro 6e AXE5400 Mesh Router

The Google Nest Wifi Pro is a Wi-Fi 6E mesh router that stands out due to its unique feature set and design philosophy. It operates on the 6GHz radio band, embracing emerging wireless technologies and providing users with a forward-looking internet connection solution.

One of the main selling points of the Google Nest Wifi Pro is its easy installation process. The device is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users of all experience levels to set up their home network with minimal hassle.

Its tasteful design is another reason for its appeal. With an aesthetic that’s as unobtrusive as it is modern, the Google Nest Wifi Pro can blend into any home environment easily. Beyond aesthetics, the router delivers solid performance in throughput testing, though the signal strength may decrease in distant rooms and locations such as the garage.

The router delivers fast and reliable coverage, offering speeds of up to 5.4 Gbps. It has tri-band connectivity, including the new 6 GHz band for improved performance. This capacity for high-speed connectivity places the Google Nest Wifi Pro as a powerful tool for bandwidth-heavy activities such as gaming, streaming, and large file transfers.

A noteworthy feature of the Google Nest Wifi Pro is its ability to monitor and resolve common network issues autonomously. By optimizing network performance, it reduces the need for manual intervention and troubleshooting, providing users with a more seamless internet experience.

This router incorporates parental controls, although these are basic in nature and do not provide extensive customization options. It also lacks client prioritization features, which could limit its effectiveness in network environments with a significant number of connected devices.

The Nest Wifi Pro router supports up to 100 connected devices and offers 2 Ethernet ports, ensuring it can cater to a broad range of network configurations and demands. It uses WPA3 encryption and provides automatic security updates, offering robust security to safeguard your network and connected devices from potential threats.

Designed with sustainability in mind, the Nest Wifi Pro is constructed with over 60% recycled materials. This commitment to environmental friendliness positions the Google Nest Wifi Pro as a conscientious choice for eco-aware consumers.

The router is compatible with Matter and Thread, enabling seamless integration with smart home devices. This compatibility facilitates an interconnected smart home ecosystem where your devices can work in harmony. Additionally, it provides enhanced performance for other Nest devices, offering an improved user experience for owners of other devices in Google’s smart home range.

The Google Home app allows for easy control of your network, providing a user-friendly interface for managing settings and viewing real-time network information.

In conclusion, the Google Nest Wifi Pro 6e AXE5400 Mesh Router is a high-performance, user-friendly, and eco-conscious router option. Although it has some limitations, its unique features and design make it an attractive choice for users in need of a Wi-Fi 6E mesh router.


Wi-FiTri-Band Wi-Fi 6E
ChipsetQualcomm SoC IPQ5018
Memory1 GB DDR3L
CoverageUp to 2,200 square feet per router, expandable
Combined SpeedsUp to 5.4 Gbps
Device HandlingCan handle up to 100 connected devices
ConnectivitySupports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Two Ethernet ports
SecurityFeatures WPA3 encryption
CompatibilityCannot be combined with previous-generation Nest WiFi or Google WiFi routers or points in a mesh network. Requires a modem, active internet connection, Google Account, and the Google Home app. Non-compatible devices can still work with Nest Wifi Pro but won’t access the 6 GHz band
MaterialMade with approximately 60% recycled materials
Smart Home IntegrationBuilt with Matter and Thread, seamlessly integrates with smart home devices


The Google Nest Wifi Pro 6e AXE5400 Mesh Router performs quite satisfactorily in day-to-day usage according to multiple reviews.

It offers respectable throughput performance and reliably steady signal strength in close proximity scenarios, allowing you to stream, game, or work without noticeable lag or buffering. Even in a 30-foot range, it can deliver good speed, although its signal strength may decrease in distant rooms or garages, suggesting the use of additional nodes for improved coverage.

The Google Nest Wifi Pro has been noted to perform well in filling a 3,500-square-foot home with usable Wi-Fi, with average speeds of 971.9Mbps at 15 feet. This makes it a viable option for medium to large households or offices. Moreover, the system is capable of handling up to 100 clients per node, indicating its capacity to serve busy network environments.

Users can expect a seamless online experience for activities like gaming, video calling, and streaming. Testings have shown that the router provides a strong, stable Wi-Fi signal throughout the home, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for your online activities.

Furthermore, the Google Nest Wifi Pro provides a user-friendly experience, starting from its straightforward installation process. It can be easily controlled through the Google Home app, allowing users to manage their network settings conveniently.

However, the router has some limitations. It lacks a dedicated SSID for the 6GHz band, which might affect optimal performance for Wi-Fi 6E devices. Additionally, it lacks advanced features such as anti-malware software, USB and multi-gig LAN ports, and extra security software, and cannot be controlled through a PC or Mac.

In summary, the Google Nest Wifi Pro 6e AXE5400 Mesh Router offers solid performance for day-to-day usage, providing respectable speeds and steady signal strength. While it may lack some advanced features, its user-friendly setup, robust throughput, and reliable coverage make it an appealing choice for many consumers.


  1. Wi-Fi 6E support: The router supports the latest Wi-Fi 6E standard, offering faster and more reliable connections.
  2. Solid performance: It delivers competitive results in performance tests, with consistent signal strength throughout the test environment.
  3. Easy installation: It offers a straightforward setup process.
  4. Parental controls: The router includes built-in parental controls, providing better control and safety for users with children.
  5. Attractive design: It has a sleek design and comes in various pack options and colors.
  6. Google integration: The router can be controlled through the Google Home app and is compatible with Google’s Pixel smartphones.
  7. Support for up to 300 devices: The system is capable of supporting a large number of connected devices, making it suitable for busy network environments.


  1. Limited Wi-Fi 6E client device availability: There are currently limited devices that can fully utilize Wi-Fi 6E, which may affect the overall performance of the router.
  2. Limited settings: The router has limited settings for customization.
  3. Limited Ethernet ports: It only includes two Ethernet ports, which might be insufficient for users with multiple wired devices.
  4. Lacks backward compatibility: The Nest Wifi Pro is not backward compatible with previous Google Wifi devices, which could be a drawback for existing Google Wifi users looking to upgrade.
  5. Poor speeds: Some reviews indicate issues with speed performance.
  6. Lack of advanced features: It lacks certain features such as advanced security software and mounting hardware.
  7. No dedicated SSID for the 6GHz band: This might impact optimal performance for Wi-Fi 6E devices.


The Nest Wifi Pro represents Google’s response to the growing demands of home Wi-Fi users for higher bandwidth and broader device support. By incorporating Wi-Fi 6E and supporting technologies like Thread and Matter, Google seeks to future-proof this router for the next generation of smart home devices.

Its sleek design and user-friendly installation process make it an attractive choice for consumers who value aesthetics and simplicity. It not only serves as a powerful Wi-Fi device but also adds an element of modern design to the home.

Despite its promising performance in close proximity, the Nest Wifi Pro might not be the first choice for larger homes or buildings with complex layouts, given the noted signal drop in distant locations. Its reliance on the 6GHz band, while offering the potential for faster speeds, can be a double-edged sword due to the limited range of this frequency. The lack of a dedicated SSID for the 6GHz band is a significant limitation that may impact the overall performance of the router for Wi-Fi 6E devices.

Google’s decision to offer basic parental controls and limited settings customization may appeal to users who prefer simplicity over intricate settings. However, the lack of advanced features, such as age-based filters, anti-malware tools, and extra security software, could deter users from seeking a more comprehensive control and security suite.

One standout feature is its support for the Matter standard, which represents the industry’s next step toward unifying smart home devices. This makes the Nest Wifi Pro a forward-thinking choice for those planning to incorporate smart devices into their homes.

All things considered, the Google Nest Wifi Pro 6e AXE5400 Mesh Router stands out as a solid and user-friendly option with a strong focus on emerging technologies, but its limitations in performance and features need to be taken into account. Whether it is the right choice will depend largely on the user’s specific needs and expectations for their home network.


  1. What is the Google Nest Wifi Pro 6e AXE5400 Mesh Router?

    Google Nest Wifi Pro 6e is a part of the whole-home mesh Wi-Fi system by Google, which can be made up of a primary router and additional point(s). These additional points are used to expand the coverage area of the Wi-Fi signal.

  2. How much coverage area does one Nest Wifi Pro router provide?

    A single Nest Wifi Pro router can provide up to 2200 square feet of fast and reliable mesh Wi-Fi coverage.

  3. Can I customize my Google Nest Wifi Pro setup?

    Yes, you can customize your Nest Wifi Pro setup by adding additional routers to the spots in your home where you need extended coverage.

  4. How can I set up the Google Nest Wifi Pro 6e AXE5400 Mesh Router?

    Detailed instructions on setting up the Google Nest Wifi Pro can be found on the Google Support website. Additionally, there are tutorials available on platforms like YouTube that walk users through the unboxing and setup process.