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Data, Password and Security Terms

You agree to:

Provide all necessary information on all online and offline registration forms and other documents submitted to Miracoup, which information must be accurate, current and complete;

Miracoup has the absolute discretion to terminate your access to, browsing, or terminate your Miracoup account and other related offers for breach of any terms or for any other reason without notice to you and shall not be liable to you for this. or recourse.

You are responsible for keeping your Miracoup account login password and information or other registration information confidential and responsible for its security. You agree to notify Miracoup immediately if your password or information is used or accessed by others without your authorization. Miracoup will take all actions it deems appropriate to ensure the security and integrity of Miracoup, including but not limited to monitoring and recording Internet activity and network addresses, verifying user data, and tracking and tracing data flows.

Publishing Content Guidelines:

-The content prohibits foul language or pornographic text and pictures.

– Please do not make personal attacks on the content, please respect every commenter.

– It is strictly forbidden to provide pirated software or infringing content for netizens to download.

– It is strictly prohibited to publish personal information of others or yourself, including photos, phone numbers and addresses.

– Unauthorized reproduction of the contents of other magazines and websites is strictly prohibited.

– Any direct or indirect advertising content without consent is strictly prohibited.

– All content is the personal opinion of the commenter and has nothing to do with the position of this site.

– If anyone commits a violation/illegal or suspected violation/illegal act (such as defamation or infringement) on this site, this site will hand over the offender’s information upon request for future investigation.

– This site has the right to delete any content on the site without notice.

Prohibited transactions:

No user may conduct business or other transactions on Miracoup or use any part of Miracoup without our prior written consent.

Any transactions authorised by us under the terms of the Program shall at all times be subject to those terms and the specific terms and conditions of our relevant contracts, agreements and authorizations.

intellectual property

You agree to:

Comply with all intellectual property laws (“Intellectual Property Law”) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (“Hong Kong Special Administrative Region”).

will not engage in any activity that violates intellectual property laws or infringes or causes infringement of intellectual property and/or other proprietary rights in any material on the Miracoup website, and you agree not to link any part of Miracoup to any Websites with infringing activity.

Such infringing activities include: Infringement of any party’s copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property or proprietary rights (“Intellectual Property Rights”);

Violate any measures to protect intellectual property, including falsifying serial or registration numbers, or using hacking tools;

Copying, extracting or exploiting the content of other people’s web pages in any way without the authorization or consent of others;

Provide pirated files or links to such files.

If it is found that the user engages in activities that infringe intellectual property rights, this website has the right to remove any information that it considers to be infringing in terms of intellectual property law and intellectual property rights without issuing a notice and without assuming legal responsibility and recourse to you. or otherwise violate the Terms of Posting, Content or Materials;

Terminate the user’s relevant registration or account and consider taking appropriate legal action.

Miracoup reserves the right to modify the above terms without prior notice.