How to exercise when you first enter the gym? A correct fitness routine can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

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As a beginner in the gym, it’s easy to feel lost and unsure of where to start your workout. Here is a correct fitness routine that can guide you on how to begin your training and ensure you get the most out of your workout. Follow these steps and see if you’re doing it right!

Step 1: Warm up before training. Before official training, warm up by moving different joints in your body and gradually increasing your body temperature. This can lower the risk of injury and help you get into the state of exercise faster.

Before exercising, it is important to choose dynamic stretching exercises to fully warm up your body and joints. After that, you can do a 5-10 minutes slow jog or brisk walk as a training warm-up.

Step 2: Perform strength training during the time when your physical energy is at its peak. Resistance training at this time can improve your strength performance, help you focus on training, and reduce the risk of injury.

For those who focus on fat loss, it is recommended to allocate 30 minutes for resistance training each time. Choose fixed equipment or free equipment such as dumbbells and barbells, which are easier to handle. You can start with compound movements such as squats, bench presses, deadlifts, rows, and lunges.

For those who focus on muscle building, it is necessary to train different muscle groups separately, such as upper body on one day and lower body on another day. Allocate 5-6 exercises for each muscle group to fully stimulate them. After training, let the target muscle group rest adequately to improve muscle growth efficiency.

When doing strength training, it is important to remember to learn the standard trajectory of the movement, slow down the movement speed, and feel the force of the target muscle group. Start with low weight and gradually increase the weight to improve muscle dimension and go further on the fitness journey.

Step 3: Engage in aerobic exercise. After strength training, you can schedule aerobic exercise to burn fat. For those primarily focused on weight loss, it is recommended to check in at least 4 times a week to effectively increase metabolism and promote fat breakdown.

For those who focus on muscle building, checking in about three times a week is sufficient to avoid fat accumulation and improve endurance. Only when you improve your endurance, can you have better performance during strength training.

How to choose aerobic exercise? Beginners should start with low-intensity exercise and gradually improve endurance before switching to more efficient fat-burning exercises, such as cycling, aerobics, and jogging for about 40-50 minutes each time. After a period of time, you can switch to exercises like jumping rope, interval running, and boxing for about 20-30 minutes each time.

Step 4: Stretch and relax. Stretching exercises can relax the body’s muscle groups, relieve muscle congestion and soreness, help repair muscles, and improve muscle flexibility.

Static stretching is the main stretching exercise after fitness, which should be done for 3-5 minutes each time. It is especially important to fully stretch and relax the muscle groups after strength training.

Step 5, Have a Snack. For people focusing on fitness and muscle gain, it is necessary to have a snack after the workout to supplement with high-quality carbohydrates and protein, such as boiled eggs or protein with whole wheat bread. The calorie intake should be controlled at around 200 calories. For those who focus on weight loss, there is no need to have a snack. Just supplement with some water or black coffee.

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