6 useful tips for weight loss

1. During the weight loss period, do not be afraid of strength training.

During weight loss, it is not enough to just do aerobic exercise. It is also necessary to add strength training to exercise the muscles and improve fat burning and shaping efficiency. People with well-developed muscles have a higher basal metabolic rate and are also more likely to develop a lean physique.

People who simply do aerobic exercise to lose weight may end up looking skinny and lacking in attractiveness. Adding strength training can prevent muscle loss, modify body curves, and make your body proportions more pleasing to the eye.

2. The volume of fat is three times larger than that of muscle.

Excess fat makes you appear chubby, and the goal of weight loss is to reduce fat, not muscle. Two people with the same weight, the one with a higher body fat percentage will become obese first, while the one with higher muscle content will have a tighter and leaner body.

Therefore, during the weight loss period, we should focus on body fat percentage instead of body weight. If the body weight does not change, it does not mean that weight loss is ineffective. It may be due to a decrease in body fat percentage and an increase in muscle content. At this time, the body will gradually become better.


3. Eating smartly can reduce hunger

During weight loss, we need to control calorie intake to create a calorie deficit in the body. However, reducing calorie intake can easily lead to strong hunger pangs, and the constant desire to eat something can cause uncontrollable cravings and binge eating, rendering weight loss efforts useless.

To reduce the appearance of hunger pangs, we need to learn to replace high-calorie, highly processed foods with low-calorie, high-fiber foods that provide a sense of fullness, which can effectively control calorie intake.

High-quality protein foods such as eggs, chicken breast, fish, and shrimp can be chosen, while high-fiber vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, winter melon, and lettuce can be selected. For staple foods, it is recommended to eat less noodles and bread and supplement with some coarse grains such as brown rice, oats, corn, Chinese yam, and legumes.


4. Do not overtrain

Reasonable exercise time is around 40-90 minutes. Overtraining cannot help you achieve better weight loss results. Instead, muscle soreness and excessive fatigue may occur the next day, which can affect the next day’s fitness plan and hinder weight loss.

During the weight loss period, we need to customize a fitness plan that suits ourselves. Don’t just stick to running training. It is recommended to combine strength training with aerobic exercise. Start with low-intensity exercise, gradually improve your exercise ability, and then increase exercise intensity. This can improve the body’s metabolic rate and promote continuous fat burning through persistent exercise.


5. Learn to drink more water

People who drink enough water every day tend to lose weight much faster than those who don’t. This is because water has no calories and can speed up the body’s metabolic processes, promoting the breakdown of fat. When people don’t drink enough water, their bodies lack hydration, which slows down the elimination of waste and reduces weight loss efficiency.

The correct way to drink water is to replenish your body with 8-10 cups of water per day, drinking water at different times throughout the day. Drinking water before meals can reduce hunger, while drinking less water before bed can help prevent frequent urination.


6. Have dinner and snacks earlier

By eating dinner like this, you can double your weight loss speed! You should learn to cook for yourself, maintain a light diet, eat less for dinner, avoid fatty and meaty foods, eat less staple foods, eat more vegetables, and keep the calorie intake below 550 kcal.

Eating dinner earlier can reduce the burden on your body and allow your body to digest food in a timely manner before sleeping. This can help your body continue to burn fat while you sleep if you finish dinner at least 4 hours before bedtime.

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