5 things beginners should know when practicing yoga

For beginners in yoga, practice is essential. It is more important to know how to practice the postures correctly than just practicing them.

Beginner yoga practitioners often ask their instructors what yoga is and whether it is a form of exercise. As an ancient and trendy fitness method, yoga has become a part of many people’s lives. However, many still have questions about what yoga is, whether it can help with weight loss, and what its benefits are.

For many beginners in yoga, it is often difficult to find balance in postures, ultimately due to imbalances in muscle strength or insufficient strength and endurance in deep muscles. This article shares some aspects to pay attention to when learning yoga:

  1. If conditions and time permit, you can find a teacher for systematic learning, or practice with videos. Do not rush to pursue various high-difficulty postures during the learning process.
  2. Do not think that a posture is simple and neglect to feel it with your heart! Even a simple mountain pose contains many key points! Even someone who has practiced it for a year cannot guarantee that their mountain pose is completely correct! Therefore, before practicing, you need to grasp the key points of the posture, the points of force, and the direction of the muscles!
  3. Do not rush to practice high-difficulty postures. All high-difficulty postures stem from a solid foundation in basic postures. The foundation must be solid. Without a solid foundation, it is easy to injure the body. Only with a strong foundation can postures be mastered easily.
  1. For beginners of yoga, it is recommended to start with the basic Sun Salutation A and Sun Salutation B, instead of thinking that these poses are too simple. Practicing Sun Salutations well can lay a solid foundation for later yoga practice.
  2. Learn to use yoga props, and do not think that using props is a sign of weakness. Yoga props can help you create better body space, make it easier to complete various poses, and prevent injury.

Many people who practice yoga hope to achieve the same range of motion as their teachers, so they forcefully try to achieve certain poses, which can eventually lead to physical pain. Long-term incorrect practice can easily affect the health of the body’s bones and skeleton.

Why not stabilize your inner self and accept yourself in the present moment? Yoga postures not only promote physical health, but more importantly, balance the restless and anxious mind.

Yoga is a practice that benefits both the mind and body. Those who are flexible find strength in yoga, while those who are strong find flexibility. Yoga is a great way for tense individuals to find relaxation, and for those who hold onto resentment to find peace. May we all find ourselves through the practice of yoga. The best time to start is now.

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