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紅豆湯與紅豆餡做法 How to Make Red Bean Soup & Red Bean Paste


🔹 紅 豆 


🔹 Adzuki Beans Mum loves to eat dessert made with adzuki beans. Red bean buns and red bean soup with tang yuan are her favourites. Every time I make her these kinds of desserts, Both she and I feel so happy from the bottom of our hearts. 
Adzuki beans are very popular for making various kinds of desserts in Taiwan. Actually, it was not until the Japanese colonial period that adzuki beans began to be popularly used for making dessert. The Taiwanese red bean soup can be served with tang yuan inside. The Taiwanese red bean paste can be used to make Taiwanese red bean mochi, red bean kee chang (alkaline rice dumplings), red bean buns, dorayaki, etc. If the paste is not stir-fried, it can be used to make Taiwanese red bean cake (wheel pies). If you don’t add butter to the paste, the paste can also be added to shaved ice or douhua. (See the video tutorial at the end.)

材 料(Ingredients):


步 驟(Steps):
Check out the red beans and remove the bad ones. Wash the red beams with water. Soak the red beans in water overnight. 


Boil the red beans for 3 minutes. Drain the red beans.


加 370g 的水到紅豆裡,放入臺式電鍋,電鍋的外鍋倒入兩米杯的水(約 350g),蓋上蓋子,蒸至電鍋跳起為止。電鍋跳起後,燜十五分鐘。
Add 370g of water to the red beans. Leave them in a Taiwanese rice cooker with 2 cups of water (about 350g) in the outside pod. Steam them until the rice cooker turns off automatically. After turning off, wait for 15 minutes with the lid on.


將紅豆稍微攪拌一下,電鍋的外鍋倒入兩米杯的水(約 350g),蓋上蓋子,蒸至電鍋跳起為止。電鍋跳起後,燜十五分鐘。開蓋檢查紅豆是否已煮軟爛。(如果要做紅豆湯,此時依照個人口味多加一些水和糖就完成了。)
Stir the red beans for a bit. Add 2 cups of water (about 350g) in the outside pod. Steam them until the rice cooker turns off automatically. After turning off, wait for 15 minutes with the lid on. Lid off. Make sure the red beans have softened. (If you intend to make red bean soup, just add more water and sugar according to personal preference at the moment, then it’s done.)


Add the light brown sugar, salt, and butter to the red beans. Stir and mix them well.


Stir-fry and mash the red beans over medium heat for about 5 minutes. Heat off. The red bean paste is ready to be used after cooling off.


旁白配樂版影片  Video Tutorial With Talking & Music:

原音重現版影片  Video Without Talking or Music (ASMR):

說 明(Footnotes):
The adzuki beans produced within a year are softer after being cooked. Keep this in mind while shopping. Fresh adzuki beans look redder. The longer the storage time, the darker the colour.
If the adzuki beans are not boiled first, they may taste a bit sour.
You don’t need to stick around a stove while using a rice cooker, which is very convenient. Using a pressure cooker (instant pot) instead can even save more time.
Make sure the adzuki beans have softened before adding sugar. They won’t be softened any more after you add sugar.
Most of the light brown sugar on the market is imported from overseas. Using locally produced Taiwanese light brown sugar (No. 2) can make the red bean soup and red bean paste smell much better.
If you intend to make red bean nian gao, don’t add butter. All you need to do is to drain the beans, mix them with sugar and salt, and refrigerate them overnight.
The paste for red bean cake (wheel pies) need to be moister to taste better and doesn’t need to be stir-fried. In that case, all you need to do is to mash and let the cooked paste cool down and dry.
The red bean paste will be very difficult to use if it’s too moist. However, you don’t need to stir-fry it for too long. It will naturally become drier and drier after cooling down.
The red bean paste can be preserved in a fridge for one week or in a freezer for one month.

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